Blooming Roses!

OK so every saturday I do volunteer work. I find that it usually opens up answers to questions I have within myself. Often I feel like I’m hit with an arrow of insight that creates pictures in my head about a concept that life has put before me. And it is usually followed by many other pictures. (I sound like I do volunteer work when I’m high, right? Lol)

Pink Rose BudThis week I was in the garden, smelling pink roses and as I smelt this fully bloomed rose, it sort of broke off the tree (No, I didn’t mean to break it- I’m one of those people who’d rather see the flowers of the world in the wild than on someones decor table). I was quite wow-ed by it, thought, “the universe wants to give me a pink rose today?” (I don’t quite like pink)

Later I was kind of “hit” by this arrow of depth of meaning- every time people look to admire the beauty of a rose bud, they see the outermost petals and think it to be stunning (If  you are like me anyway) And when that same bud opens up- it’s not the outermost petals that create the magnificence of the entire bloom. It’s every other petal within too.

I find people to be the same. On the outside everyone has something stunningly unique (even if its stunning you to the extent of disgust, lol) As you get to know them, they bloom with all this magnificence they have always has within.

I think in life we know of so many people who have fully bloomed and fill their beauty and fragrance into our lives. And we know of those who have yet to truly bloom into all they have the amazing potential to be.  (As well as those roses whose fragrance we simply cannot stand)

Another thing that sort of came with all the pictures, was that every petal contributes to the entire magnificence of a single rose. Even the petals that are slightly damaged or strangely formed. The same way every gorgeous petal (up) and every damaged oops (down) of your life contributes to the magnificent being you are! A magnificence you have always had and will always have within.

The question is- Have you bloomed yet?

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