If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” -Mother Theresa

The women who has been the personification of mercy, love and human potential for so many generations to aspire to.

People (me), no matter how much they try not to, end up judging those they interact with by the actions they take and words they speak. Lol, its like thinking badly of a leaf blowing in the wind ’cause it blew differently… as if the leaf has control over the wind… Do people really have control over the circumstances in their life?

Love- Judgement FreeI do believe people choose how they respond to circumstances, however most people also don’t rationally think about how they respond- they simply react. Hence shaping them into the people they are today. (And falling prey to our judgements of them)

I think it speaks volumes about how much an individual can tolerate as well. There are so many people (like Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi) that had/ have huge levels of tolerance. I think it is an amazing quality to develop within one self- to be able to accept people as they are as well as to gently guide them to being better people.

The amazing thing is that even as we tolerate or accept people, we are given this amazing opportunity- like the rainbow together with the silver lining… to learn something about ourselves from those who we find the hardest to tolerate or accept.

As it is with love- we learn to tolerate or accept that which irks us…

Truly, when we judge- we stop the possibility of pure love to flow….

(Photo courtsey: gsmwalls.com)


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