So in my 21 years of life I have done quite a bit of personal development compared to others my age… I have met so many “gurus” and “experts” that have inspired my life to be a complete thrill to live.. My mentors have given me so much that a simple thank you will never be enough to convey how grateful I am that they have altered my life so that when I look to my future I am excited for what is to come!

Many of my mentor’s have told me, You focus on that which you want, your dream/ ideal life- Law of Attraction and then you “let go” of your attachment to the outcome/ realisation of the dream… So that regardless of how things turn out, you are happy… (’cause honestly if it hasn’t happened yet and you are focusing on it- feeling just as happy as you would be, if you were living the dream already- then Law of attraction can still bring it to you- you’re not dead yet brother!)

The part that most people (me) have difficulty with, is the ‘letting go’ part… The part where, you want your dream so badly and should let go/ detach from the outcome of it.

Now, how does one let go of something that, means the world to you? That is the very reason you breathe?

Power of YOU!I was slammed by a bit of insight when I was talking to one of friends about the future… I think that it’s not about letting go of how much the dream means to you. It’s about believing and having faith. Most would say belief and faith in the higher power (God, Source, Him, Lord, Universe etc) I am about to say differently.

I think it’s about belief and faith in yourself. It’s the belief that you are worthy of that dream. The belief that you can make it happen. The belief that regardless of how things seem or appear, your ultimate dream is possible.

It’s when one has that kind of belief and faith in oneself that one can let go of the outcome and still desire it. Simply ’cause you are willing to do what it takes.

You believe in You. You believe in the Power of You. The outcome will come. The dream will be.

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