True Love and Relationships

Relationships and love…

Strangely everyone automatically thinks of romantic relationships and romantic love. Yes that is part of my blog today, but it is not exclusive to just that, keep that in mind as you read ahead…

Friends in life are little unpolished diamonds and as they give you new and different things to think about, they somehow also begin to polish themselves and one begins to see the absolute immense value that they truly have… to a point where they become invaluable and life without them is unthinkable.

Hope you have a friend like that… life takes on so much more meaning and colour when it is filled with these types of friends.

And if you don’t (yet), here’s the biggest tip to making the individuals in your life become the closest people that you can share every up and down with..


Yip, you guessed it, I’m totally “cliché-ing” myself by stating the obvious. I’ll even go further with the clichés- common sense aint so common these days… as everyone knows that a good relationship means trust, honesty and communication together with a bunch of other things…

People seem to think that if they are talking often about all sorts of subjects and have few arguments that they are communicating well. Sure, good communication is made up of the above mentioned, but I think that is very surface level.

Relationships and LoveIf the one you love cannot tell you straight forward how they are really feeling, if they cannot be completely vulnerable with you, they haven’t been able to open up to you…

The thing with true and honest relationships is that all the awesome happy ecstatic emotions and feelings come with the crappy-ness that daily life throws in to the mix.

Check out this amazing talk about it here

Being able to open up to the ones you love means facing all the scary and not so happy emotions and feelings we each have, and then after facing them- talking about them to the one you love. (Please do note:  this is a vice versa thing. I.e. if you can’t be vulnerable with the one you love… you can’t open up to them. If you can’t really open up to the one you love, how much do they know the whole person you are? And like I said vice versa)

Also opening up like that to any person takes time and with time, the trust bond that becomes stronger… So it is a slow process of becoming so trustful and open with the ones you love, and it is a process that leaves you feeling closer to the other, with a depth and meaning in your relationship.

I have friends like that… I show them my crappy-ness and they reciprocate, and we become closer ‘cause now we’re being ourselves with each other- there is nothing to hide… What’s the point of hiding? You didn’t get into a relationship to keep yourself to yourself- if that’s what you want, live alone.

It’s quite sad to see it in some marriages, where they get along, they have heaps of happiness and they are lack of noting… and yet they feel unfulfilled within their relationships…. the depth of true emotion is hidden from each other, mostly ‘cause each cannot face the truth of their own emotions and so the question of being able to share with the other is not even fathomable…

Everyone has their dream relationships… don’t wait for it to come into your life. Make every relationship you have a dream one…

Live your dreams, not just your life!


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