Do you believe that people can possibly share a bond so deep that regardless of where they are, if one is sick or in any type of problem it is felt by the other?

Kind of like the bond that is shared between werewolves in the book series Twilight… Is such a thing possible? And if it is, how is the bond formed? Is it exclusive to blood relations (like twins) or is it exclusive to romantic love relationships like twilight series suggests?

Personally, I usually don’t believe in things that sound like they stand on ages of superstition or sound like something out of book, lol..

connectionsThis unexplainable connection however seems to be the exception for me… mostly ’cause I have witnessed it happen too often to disregard it as pure coincidence. (beginning to wonder if I believe in coincidence at all…)

As strange as it sounds, I believe that such a connection exists between my mum and my eldest sister. Mum is in South Africa. Sister lives in Australia. Yet each time something affects my mum’s health, my sister has something similar happen to her, or a pain in the same part of her body as my mum… And vice versa.

Lol, I don’t have the answers to the questions asked above about such bonds between individuals, but I guess it creates a faith in the mysterious ways of whatever higher power is out there… some of the most beautiful and pure connections in this world are really unexplainable… And well- if you could explain it, would you ever believe that there is a higher force of power in the world?

I’ll leave the question of the existence of a higher power for another blog… lol

Have you ever felt such a connection? Do you think it even possible?

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