Live for Others?

When I was younger I somehow got sucked into the idea that I was responsible for the happiness of others around me. I began living my life for others. Everything I thought, did or didn’t do, was for the happiness of someone I loved.

Somehow, no matter what I did they were never really happy.  This in turn made me very unhappy, mainly because I couldn’t make the ones I most love happy.

To be honest, it was exhausting. Doing one thing after another to please people who never seem to be pleased… it never ended.  In the beginning I could hide my exhaustion; I was bubbly and happy in appearance. But soon my mum was calling me a zombie ‘cause I began to wear my exhaustion on my face and it showed in every action. I became totally drained. And my mum lol, she kept telling me that there must be some mineral or vitamin that I lack and that is why I look like I live life on automatic instead of with zest and passion.

I didn’t know what to do- in fact didn’t even think it was a problem, because I was living to make the ones I love, happy. That’s how everyone is living life, no? Everyone wants to see the one they love happy and fulfilled, and so do I.

In my first year of university my sisters kept telling me that I’m drained and that I just need a break. By the end of that first year, I decided that I would take a gap year and go to Australia. (Where my other sister lives) Not that my dad was very happy with the idea of a gap year. Where there’s a will, there’s a way… (I think there isn’t a way- people make the way)

In Australia I learnt the most important lesson of my life.
The only way someone can be truly happy is if they themselves decide to be happy.

 How much battery life do you have?Like a cell phone has signal and battery life… your happiness is your battery life… your signal is how well you can work, i.e., how much better you make the lives of the people around you…

If you are always concentrating on your signal- how much better you can make the lives of others then the quality you bring to others lives starts to decrease. Your battery life is decreasing- you haven’t charged it, you haven’t made yourself happy, you haven’t given it any of your focus…

You eventually run out of battery life and can do no more good for the ones you love… (Like me being so drained that I felt I needed to escape….) However if you concentrate on your battery life, your happiness, than you always have the best quality energy to give to those around you… your signal is strong…

The best way you can make the people around you happy, is to make yourself happy….

Do what you love- Be happy!

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