Repeat & ‘Failure’

Ever notice that when you are repeating something, it hardly ever turns out the same as before? Either it’s better or it’s worse than the first time you did it… (**,) lol

Unless it’s a habit that has formed over time, doing the same thing over and over again such that you have mastered the strategy of how you do your habit.

By that rationale- some things can never truly be repeated. Especially if you’ve done it the first time and are now looking to repeat it- i.e. doing it again for the second time.

No. I’m not talking about sex. So get your head out the gutter! lol

RepeatI had an interesting thought the other day while talking to a friend about the stigma behind having failed and then repeating a year of study. Firstly I think it’s ridiculous to call it “repeating the year”. Like I’ve said above some things can never truly be repeated. So the idea that once you have failed, you repeat the year, is in essence false, simply because there is no way that you really are repeating the year- syllabus changes, lecturers change, and the point of it all is to have a different outcome at the end- i.e. a pass- so how can it possibly be a repeat?

Now I know this is all getting very technical with language but I believe that you need to be communicating with others as well as yourself in a way that guides you (conscious and sub-conscious you) toward what you really most want. Continue telling yourself as well as others that you are repeating a year- and that is exactly what will happen! Same result as the previous year.

The way we communicate to ourselves shapes the reality we see before us- say always that you are shy, you will begin to believe it and that is how you will appear… say always that you are confident and worthy and you will begin to believe it and that is how you will appear.

When communicating with others, they will hold you to the same position as you hold yourself. I.e. tell the world you are repeating a year and unconsciously they have registered that you are repeating a year- you are getting the same results as the previous year. That makes one more persons unconscious vibration holding you to the place of failure as well as your own.

In actual fact you want to be passing the year, simply studying 1st/2nd/3rd year. (Is it anyone’s business to know that you failed a year before?) Yet you and everyone around you is vibrating or attracting a repetition of what happened the year before. My question to you would be- if that is not what you want why is your focus there? How are you changing that focus?

Then comes the question of failure.

“There is no failure- only feedback.”

'Fail' ?

If doing things this way hasn’t given you the outcome you want, take it on as feedback, learn from it- “this doesn’t work, what shall we do differently to get the outcome we want?”

Yes, there is not a soul on this planet that wants to ‘fail’, nor is there any parent or educator that wants their kids to ever ‘fail’… so they keep telling us- “don’t fail”; “work hard”; “do your best”; etc. And all that does is it creates a negative association to ‘failure’- all of the above presupposes that if you do fail- you didn’t work hard or didn’t give your best, which we all know is ridiculous; you worked your butt of and gave it your best shot!

It is OK to ‘fail’.

In truth, the biggest fuck ups have been the stepping stones to the greatest successes- Ask any self made multi-millionaire/billionaire. Mistakes, ‘failures’ and obstacles are to teach something that makes you more capable of having whatever outcome it is that you are working toward… it also helps in keeping you at the level you most want to be or takes you even higher. There is no going back once you’ve got that lesson.

And of course I’m not only talking of studies- I’m talking about life.

Live your dreams!

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