Who says you gain Nothing from doing Volunteer Work?

Ok so this one is a long one… I couldn’t help it… loved writing it!

I have cleaned windows, learning that something like newspaper really can have something positive to contribute to the world –instead of spreading the news of the worst and hence generating vibrations that simply attract more of the same…

Now in going off on a tangent (lol)…

Clear your visionAny way those amazing windows made me think- as many things do- isn’t it amazing how we look at the world with such filthy eyes? It’s always that this person or nation has wronged me or someone else or the country or the world…. or it’s that there is poverty everywhere we look…

Indeed there are many things not right in this world and I am not saying at all to turn a blind eye to them, what I am in fact saying, is quite the opposite- you know how much not good is happening out there, now instead of continuing to look at it all, and continuing to recreate that by not acting to change it (you are giving a very powerful message that what is happening is ok when you don’t act ) start looking at the positive too and create that…

I realised that I could chose to clean my eyes just as I chose to clean those windows…. and that day, as I went home, I saw so many cute guys that I had never noticed here before- guess I always looked through the filth of my own mind that there are no cute guys out there.. And when I chose to clean those windows… and have clean eyes, no judgements… what I saw changed…

There is also the sweeping I did… which is quite a mission when the wind wants to blow in all types of directions making everything you sweep go all over the place anyway… I soon discovered that if you’re flexible to the changing conditions you can have total control over the sweeping and cleaning process… which is much like life too- you have an aim, something you are totally focused upon, and nature being itself, is always flowing, changing and re-arranging… and when you’re flexible to its fluctuations you are in control of the results you are getting. You are finding new and different ways of getting to the same place, opening up the doors of creativity you never realised you had until you swept the corridors of your mind and saw what the real foundations of you are…

Flow with LifeThen the washing of dishes… a task that I found I never did alone… always someone new that was working with me… there is flow and cooperation and fun even, when we’re both totally interested in each other and the task at hand… and when the next person was all inside themselves, trying to wash dishes the way they have when they are doing the task alone, it became a choppy disorientated task… like when connecting with people who are closed of to who you are and are not genuine in their interest toward you… flexibility, tolerance and amazingly acceptance I learnt from those dishes… I found that when simply accepted the person they were expressing themselves as, the task flowed… no resistance, no choppy-ness… I found that I became fascinated by how they behaved, interesting to meet someone so different from what I know…

the thing that amazed me the most…. every time I spoke to one of the other volunteers, I never understood what she was trying to say or ask… yet everyone else around me seemed to understand her completely, answering her and having conversations with her… then I decided that it is just me, what am I doing differently that stops me from truly understanding someone who is like me, a daughter of God. I simply said to myself, “my intension is to listen with love” and I finally understood what she was saying, after a few tries of course, but I got there in the end… I understood what she said.  We had a conversation. My respect for everyone around me increased as they have always been listening with love… and my love for her increased as she never stopped talking to me until I really understood…

She has Down syndrome…

My very latest lesson- weeds.

Weeds have their own purpose tooWeeds sort of steal to grow- (not that we own any of the natural elements) they use the water, soil minerals, sun energy meant for the things we want to grow… and so when we are pulling them out we are doing it with the intension of promoting the positive growth of what we most want. Much like relationships huh? We want to uproot ties with those who don’t really help us grow, roots that take our energy without a thought to how that affects us.

Weeds have been growing in-between the bricks and so I sat on the floor, attempting to take them out… I was so wow-d… maybe the sun had baked my brains… when I tugged really hard they broke, meaning it would simply grow again, don’t you find that with relationships? They end really badly but the roots are still there, still drawing from you… until I gently pulled them then it was effortless… but this wasn’t the same each time…

The tiny tiny ones that had just began to grow either broke as I tried to pull them out or came out from the root… guess some were just ready to be gone and others not. And I realised that I have some relationships that simply went away and its cos I had learned something and it didn’t need to be a part of me anymore…

The larger ones were the same… some came right out; some refused to even budge… the roots were well fed and therefore were too strong to simply be uprooted… I began to wonder which roots have I been feeding in every relationship I have… and were those the roots of beautiful weeds? Or the roots of a plant I really wanted there… and do I really know the difference?

What I can say is that I like some weeds… they are really pretty and make me happy to see their pretty flowers… I’m not yet done with those weeds… there are some weeds that need to be uprooted, they have stopped growing me…  even though it is difficult to uproot sometimes, it is with the intension of promoting the positive growth of what I most want. The plants that I really want I have fed well and am so happy to see them in my garden cos they make me grow everyday…

And you say volunteer work is doing something for nothing? There is always something- look with clean eyes… hear with love…

What can you learn from stepping up?

(Photos courtesy of- 1 http://www.guttercleaningdfw.com ; 2 http://www.geeksaresexy.net )


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heena Writes
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 12:38:04

    Wow… lil sis… Amazing insights and analogies! Love it especially -pull out the weeds (negatives that sap our energy and prevents the growth of the positives that fills us with life giving energy) with the intention (very important to do it with intention) to promote all the goodness that we are so blessed with and so often miss because of the overgrowth of the life sapping, thieving weeds!!

    Also, cleaning the cobwebs from our eyes… like lifting the veil and only then seeing the true beauty that we are surrounded by and for the first time in a long time… having clarity and focus.

    Life is so beautiful and funky groovy baby when you flow with the go instead of swimming up stream and struggling at every step… LIFE IS SIMPLE (nature teaches us this) we simply enjoy making it as complex as we can… for some strange reason it makes us feel important or accomplished to dig through and untangle the mess we create … sometimes only to create more knots and pretty soon we are in the deep dungeons of depression or hate or despair or total sadness and lack lustre living … wondering how on earth we got there… it’s simple…


    And … do it now!!!

    If not now… then when?


    • Shil Rani
      Jun 13, 2011 @ 13:27:57

      Thanks!!! I know! my favorite was the weeds! its so amazing that they are seen to give nothing to the plants growing around it, yet i totally believe that they must have some purpose too- like maybe the give the soil something… that helps the other plants grow… and in the same way the “weeds” give something to our lives before they are pulled out… kind of blessings in disguise… Like crappy relationships that make you a better person…

      And hell yes! Go with the Flow! Consciously creating what you desire and allowing it to come too!!


  2. potatosandwich
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 13:07:14

    Ok – before you think it…I do work, sometimes, just have had some opportunities to respond on a more regular basis :-).

    Interesting notion, it seems from your post therefore, that cleaning not only purifies your environment, as it would, but also purifies the mind. Is it possible that at these times, doing these types of jobs, that our mind expands and reaches horizons we otherwise wouldn’t? Take your “weeding” for example, do you find you can find a resolve to some of your issues when gardening? I do, it’s fantastic and very theraputic, like hovering, washing the dishes. Maybe Einstein was far too complex to realise this.



    • Shil Rani
      Jun 13, 2011 @ 13:23:11

      lol.. And I actually am working! LMAO! not just blogging… lol 🙂

      I think that the mind always has opportunity to expand, evolve and grow.. we just need to be in the moment 100% to see a depth in the things around us.. it is all a reflection of our mind after all… And yes.. I love doing volunteer work because I find that issues I have kind of sort themselves out while Im doing all these things…

      And I actually think that Einstein saw a depth in things too… maybe…. lol..


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