Angel Of Love

Furious anger,
Furious anger,
I begin to believe
a passion stronger


But when tears, like rivers,
Fast, Furious and never-ceasing
Are forcefully stopped…

In the cold silence
that gnaws on the heart;
Realisation dawns
The need for Pure Love

And as i look into his eyes,
He that said ” I understand ”
the heart-
But shatters
to a thousand pieces
for the lie he hath told.

Truly i am with nothing.
Nothing but my lonelyness
for companionship.
And at that thought
the stench of death
grows ever sweeter…

Yet as i wait Angel of Love
for that glorious moment
of freedom,
of death,
I see in the distance-
Bright sunshine glow
that hath my breath stole..

Within the the gold
is He stood
Purely in white

His black, magnetically powerful eyes;
filled with Love
so divine that
tears – in answering- flow

As i drew closer
He says,
” I do Love you ”

The pain, agony, anguish
become worthwhile,
For words so honestly spoken.

He says,
” You conqured my every obsticle,
Never once showing the
hurt of your heart ”

” You gave happiness-
yet recieved sorrow.
You lost your heart-
and found it shattered.
You showed love-
and saw anger. ”

‘ So, I shall a gift bestow;
that you shall:
Give and Recieve,
Lose and Find,
Show and See…

Naught but Love

hence i dub thee

” Angel Of Love ” ‘


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heena Writes
    Jun 15, 2011 @ 21:16:53

    Simply Beautiful!


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