Growth & Expansion…

An indescribable mosaic of every potential color on the palette of life in an awesome display as you come to know the in’s and out’s of any person….

You are so rapt with their absolutely unique way of dancing each color, that it is impossible to fathom not knowing this one individual, in all their individuality… Usually because they are a total mirror to the unlimited beauty you have within yourself… you just haven’t looked within…

Or you cannot even begin to look at their multi-colored beauty, as to you, it appears to be a disgusting way of dancing each color… and that person is the one person you avoid or begrudge at any opportunity… You don’t realize that they too, are a mirror, to all that is within you…

Be True to YourselfWhen you do realize that the colors you dislike in others, are also within your mosaic of color, (that is your personality) and you begin to remove those colors… you moult your beautiful skin…

The skin others have come to love you in…

And your new mosaic of color is even more stunning then the old one you have had….  simply because you have made the conscious effort to become more then what you ever were before…

And you wear every color with a joy at being a new and inspired you…. the ones that have loved you in the old, recognize you, but just dont wish to know the change you have created… they wish for the old- because you were so beautiful in the dance of those mosaic colors.. they cannot get over it… they are still absolutely rapt in those colors… so much so, that they dont realise the new skin you have is even more amazing then the one before…

And you are rejected- “I want the old you back”… little do they know, they are refusing to accept who you are now, over who you were…

They are unconsciously wanting to keep you in the same skin… if they understood at the conscious level what they are really doing… they’d more than likely open up to see what they are rejecting before really rejecting it….

Then there are those that can see the total new skin you have moulted into and they are just as excited about your newfound beauty that it becomes a celebration that you cannot help but dance, sing and laugh in….

Life is too beautiful !!! just as your mosaic is… just as the mosaic of everyone around you is…

Be who you are… Regardless of the world…. Live your Dreams!

(Lmao, you wont believe, I had pretty snakes in my head when this popped in my head!! talk about CRAZEE!!! lmao)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. potatosandwich
    Jun 15, 2011 @ 21:18:33

    Ok, need to get head around this one, yep, you got a crazy mind alright. So are you saying we should evolve as people? Is it ok to change? I met someone after 15 years and she said to me, u haven’t changed a bit..was she paying a compliment? Who knows.

    What’s your colour?


    • Shil Rani
      Jun 16, 2011 @ 08:29:35

      Yeah.. totally crazy for sure! lol…
      I am saying that when we grow and evolve we change in ways that not everyone around us accept or understand. There are those that will celebrate your growth and expansion with you and there arre those that will reject the “new” you and want the “old” you back. Its like they see you as this pretty gift in pretty wrapping… and when you remove the wrapping they refuse to see the new improved wrapping and cling to the old wrapping… I am saying that regardless of the above, just be who you are.
      As for if it is a compliment- well that depends on whether you wish to see it as one… its up to you to choose the meaning behind what people say (that is, if you dont ask them straight out what they mean)…
      My colour?? I think I have every colour of the spectrum and at times Im just more of one colour than the others… like right now I feel green and yellow… I just cant describe the exact shade cos I dont know what its called… What colour would you say you are?
      Thanks for the comments… hope you can get your head arounf my crazyness! lol.. take care!


  2. potatosandwich
    Jun 16, 2011 @ 16:04:33

    I’m not sure if my last comment was added….here it is again….

    Hey there.

    I think what she was saying was that since our last meeting all those years back (I was only 16 at the time), I had managed to achieve quite a lot with regards to work, life and family and that she was suprised that my outlook on life hadn’t changed, for the good. Same old me, feet on the ground, level headed, practical, so I took that as a compliment. Could also have meant boring!!! 🙂

    As what colour, just 3…

    Sky Blue – my calmness, patience, smiley approach. I learnt to “grit my teeth” from a very young age and take the MUMMS (make up my mind slowly) approach to most things.

    Orange/Red – on very very very odd occasions, if I see an unjust happening to someone, then you don’t want to me in the same room as me…

    Have fun


  3. Shil Rani
    Jun 18, 2011 @ 20:02:31

    Awesome! Compliment it was then! 🙂

    Cool colours! From the little that I have read from your blogs and your comments, I’d say the blue sounds like you…

    Thanks for the shares!


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