Life. Death. Age.

I wrote this a while ago….

Life… Death… a curious thing…

New life sparks hope and brightness…. it spreads love and happiness…

That old known friend- death, awakens a mysterious fear of an afterlife and a deeper appreciation of who was…

A few days back I carried a 3 day old baby in my hands… small, delicate with the most innocent eyes looking at me… maybe saying I know you, you’re like me, we come from the same place…

And a friend, who was close in my heart, not i in his… lost a loved one… the sadness of which has probably made him seek more outside himself then inside himself for the strength to accept and still continue to love… like saying I saw you once upon a time, we come from the same place… yet here is where you leave me…?

Life. a joyous occasion….

Death. a mournful event….

The world has us so programed that we fail to see what this all could really be trying to show us…

Life- the promise of a journey to create beauty, love and splendor with adventure, fun and happiness…

Death- the fulfillment of life’s promise with a wealth of memories and love for those with an unfinished promise…

Life and DeathAnd birthdays… hmmm… I turned 21 8 days ago… and to me its simply another birthday…another year I have grown to realize more of who I am and who the lives around me are…

Yet for my sister, it was a transition to the ultimate freedom…the key to the rest of my life… I still dont know what freedom this is that I didnt have before… or how my own life was somehow locked away from me that now Ive been given the key…

So programed are we that before the age of 21 we think of ourselves as being restricted of freedom and not really in control of our own lives…. and after 21? Everything then is our own responsibility? Our own choice? Suddenly we’re given sooo much… How can you really make any sense of it all and at the same time create a life that speaks of your dreams?

Id like to think that where I am today is of all my own choices and it is all my responsibility. Not because my life has been blessed and very happy, but because to give that responsibility to anyone else is to give my own power away to someone else to create my life… How can someone else possibly know what I want in my life?

I have had this freedom all along, it has been my responsibility all along, the world out there just mananges to fool people into thinking the opposite. And how far has that taken us?

The youth are under the impression it is not their responsibility nor do they have the freedom for a life of their utmost desires… and so they waste time with alcohol, drugs and sex… because well, ‘I cant be held responsible for what I do when I am young’ and ‘I dont have the freedom yet to do what it is that I really want…’ (and ‘who has really helped me know what it is that I really want anyway?’)

Until they hit 21 and it kicks in that now Ive got to do things for myself… Get a bit real about the rest of my life and what I want…. They seek out the career that will make their dreams come true and the life partner that will love them as the confused puppy they are….

Little do they realize the career should be the dream and the life partner a bonus to the extraordinary life they have as a courageous person on the road to ultimate success…

And so the youth pursue this life of a career that will make a dream come true one day with this life partner that has loved them as they are… until they hit that mid life crisis and realise that there was never anything (but themselves) stopping them from the dream career and dream life…

We are boxed in by the boundary conditions of our minds (by Albert Einstein)… and as we think that we’re not free to do what we most want, we’re not responsible for our lives… we leave it all to just happen… and if you’re going nowhere, any road can take you there….

Yet when you know that the boundary that is there, is really one in your mind, you step up to the freedom you have, you take responsibility for your choices and you create your dream now. Not when you hit a mid life crisis…

It is then that you open yourself up to see life as the promise it is…. and death as the fulfillment of such a promise… regardless of the time it comes to find you…

It is then that you can know me… as we come from the same place…

( inspired by Mother Teresa’s words ” Life is a promise; fulfill it. ” )






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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. potatosandwich
    Jun 19, 2011 @ 22:14:45

    If you are a fan of hindi movies, or have watched a few in your time, there’s a line from the song “Rothe Hue Aate Hai Sab” – Film: Muqaddar Ka Sikandar.

    “Zindagii to bevafaa hai ek din thukaraaegii
    Maut mahabuubaa hai apane saath lekar jaaegii”

    ..”Life will betray you one day and kick you away
    Death is the lover who will take you with her”.

    I love this line, it’s so true. From the moment you are born, there is only one thing that stays with you, over your shoulder, death. In life, we should not fear death, but embrace it and ensure what little time we have, we should make the most of it in a positive way.

    Although I agree that a lot of our life depends on the decisions we make, I do believe that at moments in my life, it’s a blessing (from somewhere) that has saved me from situations I may have otherwise struggled to get out of.

    Have belated birthday.


    • Shil Rani
      Jun 20, 2011 @ 16:41:51

      Wow! What a song!

      The only thing that makes life worth having and living is the fact that one day it ends… Think about it- if life went on forever, everyone would become lethargic… everyone will go through life as most people already do.. work work work, holiday here and there and eat lots… and because our days are numbered there are the few that actually make something more of their lives- give it more meaning- awaken to who they are and live their dreams… they are the ones that have no fear of death because they have lived full lives… they are the ones that reach out to the already lethargic and call to them to tap into thier potential…

      thanks heaps for the comment!


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