Children- Gifts from God…

So having kids for me is in the far future… hell, getting married is scary enough that being responsible for a child is not really fathomable right now… But that’s besides the point for this post.. I am not a parent so all that I say- take with a big pinch of salt as it’s just what I see from the outside.. What its like being in the family unit, I haven’t a clue!

This weekend I had volunteer work in the crèche with all the kids and wow were there quite a few kids! I’d like to think I’m quite good with kids- I have 2 nieces and 4 nephews- I had better be good with kids!! lol…

There were quite a few things I noticed…

Got to love kidsFor one I thought the entire crèche would be total chaos with just the few volunteers amidst it all- how was I going to handle the pressure of being the cool freak while still helping to keep all the chaos under control? (chaos under control! What an oxymoron!) But the kids were quite happy to do all the arts and crafts we had set out for them… I was calmly helping them make key rings for their fathers (fathers day) and even though there were quite a few of them, they all patiently waited their turn for my help.. it was so amazing! Noise and chaos from all the kids running around yet these kids around me were totally calm…

When you are calm with kids, they stay calm too… Lol, and I’ve seen it heaps of times! My sisters get angry and irritated with the kids and that puts them in the same crappy feeling place that they act out from. I think what most parents don’t get is that YOU teach your kids how to treat you. You let something you don’t approve of slide by, and it tells kids very clearly that you do approve of it, that its ok for them to do. And so the next time something similar happens and you don’t tolerate it, they can’t fathom why. “One day its ok and the next day it isn’t?”

I also noticed that all parent relate so differently with their kids… some are so controlling! (Eish, I’m being judgemental!!) Kids like to do things the way that they like to, (Hell! We all do, and that’s where the problem lies) some parents wanted to guide their kids every step of the way- every step of their way. Kids need the freedom to be able to express themselves (arts, dance, crafts) in ways they most want to… when they are not able to, they become angry kids, frustrated kids… kids that act up…

Some parents treat their kids the way they treat adults, like they are their own person with their own opinions, likes and dislikes while still maintaining the relationship of parent and child… And it was such fun to watch kids who grow up like this! They have an awesome confidence and when other kids start to fight with them, they don’t show signs of feeling powerless nor do they run to mummy, they either find something else to entertain themselves or they stand up and ask for what is theirs without any anger or frustration flaring up.

Kids also just want your attention for time to time… and they say the sweetest things when you do give them attention every now and then.. One of the kids so sweetly told me, “I love you” after knowing me for just a few hours… and then too I was busy with other kids as well. Kids miss their parents too… Some parents don’t really see this- they continue striving on earning a greater income and miss the best years they’ll ever have with their kids… (I’m still being judgemental- guess I hope I can do better when I get there)

I absolutely love how kids can just speak their mind- no reservations! How many people are out there that have such trouble expressing their true feelings… you hear about it all the time! “I loved her but never told her” “I never told my dad I love him and now he’s gone”

“We teach children the ways of the world, they teach us the ways of  the heart” -Helen Ford

Needless to say, I realised how much I just love kids! There is soo much you can learn from them! And I will never be able to express my gratitude for having them in my life!


(photo might look a bit weird… they are my nephews.. we were playing around with camera software… heaps of fun!)


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  1. potatosandwich
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 14:33:06

    Kids need “heaps” of love all the time, my son is 9 and still kiss and cuddle him when I drop him off at the school playground, even though he get’s shy. I tell him every day that “I love him”. If you don’t show that love, they will simply go elsewhere looking for it.

    Kids need “the appropriate level” of guidence. What I mean by that is that it needs to be appropriate to their age, to their thinking. I also think we need to make them “street-wise” so they know the difference between good and bad company, this is critical as in life they can then develop a sense of being around a group of friends that can provide help, advice and true friendship.

    Time is another vital factor – we all know how difficult it is with working life. When I get home from work, I am never regimental in the fact that the kids need to go to sleep at a certain time and it’s got to be mega early, otherwise what time do you have in the evenings to sit with them and talk to them….

    Check out my recent post on my blog, it’s a poem from my eldest son on Father’s Day, brought a tear to my eye, just looking for a super frame to put it in….but makes me happy that I am making the right strides to help my children find their way in this world.


    • Shil Rani
      Jun 21, 2011 @ 15:32:02

      I totally agree with you! In essence kids need what we all do… what we all want… Love, guidence and time…

      Will check out that post! Thanks…
      And will look into why your comments keep going into spam! crazy!


  2. potatosandwich
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 15:21:05

    Hoping you got my last comment on this post 🙂


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