Just a Few Thoughts…

Yesterday we went to the beach.. one that had quite a few shells… we were ‘ooo-ing’ and ‘ahhh-ing’ over the colours and different patterns on them.. Then we started collecting a few.. but each one that was broken ( we picked up cos of its beauty ) got tossed back to the sand.. like it had no value cos it was broken… I thought that it was so unfair to do something like that… And yet its what people do….

When we meet someone who talks too much, or is ‘nerdy’, or thinks differently to us; we reject them as friends and maybe even as fellow humans…
Find beauty everywhereIts even worse when we meet, that isnt the right word, when we see a person that is blind or deaf or born with some deformity; we tend to reject them.. Pity them…And then go back to living our much gifted life.. We toss them back to the sand from where they have come, because the beauty of their souls is marred by an outer appearance…?

How many years, eras, will it take for the human race to see that there is a beauty in everyone regardless of all the other things we have come to give sooo much time, money and effort to? Will all the broken shells of this world go from hand, to hand, to hand, to yet another hand, before someone has the courage to look past its form… and love it for the beauty of its soul, mind and heart…?

I wrote the above a while ago… Think I have kind of realised that the change of the human race begins with each person… and the more positively you(me) impact the people around you(me) the better we all become…


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  1. potatosandwich
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 09:56:25

    Unfortunately it is human nature and we have all (at some point in our lives) been guilty of “segregating” people who we “see” as different, for one reason or another. There are people in this world who have been left in a dark corner of society somewhere to fend for themselves, looked upon as “mistakes” and laughed on. We toss these people away because we don’t care, it doesn’t concern us we tell ourselves, it’s someone else’s problem. This is very sad and I regret I have been guilty of this myself at a very young age, however without the right guidance, we are all victims of this.

    I guess being the “black sheep” in my family, I know what it’s like to be different, not to walk with the crowd, not to be the sheep, but that’s because I am the Shepard, the farmer, and we should treat all individuals, regardless of their status, condition, background, as we would like to be treated ourselves.

    If we truely see God in all human beings, then what right do we have to treat them any different.

    A message to all, have fear of God in your heart at all times, for it will keep you in good stead. Compassion and humility are the greatest of all characteristics, it is what define’s our existance here in this world, ignore these and you have wasted your opportunity in God’s beautiful play.

    Have a good day….


    • Shil Rani
      Jul 06, 2011 @ 13:12:27

      Wow! I love how how changed the perception of not being part of the herd to mean that you are the shephard! Total empowerment!

      Im not sure I would ever say to have fear of God… I think that if you love Him and are devoted to Him, or if you have a trust in whichever higher power you believe, then there comes with that sentiment the love and care for all things created by that all-knowing power… I think that is when you can see God in all living things- when your love and trust in Him is true and strong…

      Thanks for the comments!
      Have a fab day!


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