I feel like its been ages since I’ve blogged… Feels strange, never thought Id say this, but I miss blogging! It feels like such an awesome way to just put out there what I’m thinking… Think I’m falling in love with blogging.. lol… And there have been so many thoughts just running around in my head- was beginning to think I just might explode if I didn’t blog a bit… Am I becoming an addict?? lol…

Friends… The family we choose.

They make their homes in our hearts and double our joys while halving our pain… In one of my past posts I wrote about how some friends turn out to be weeds, that have given your soil/soul what it came into your life to give, and there is a time that it will be uprooted. And it does hurt. And there are some friends that become strong trees beside you and life with them, is a pleasure regardless of whether either of you are having an up or down time in life.

This post is about the friends that kind of fall in between being a weed and a strong tree. The friends that still have huge homes in your heart but they rarely live there anymore.

I spent a year in Australia… I came back a totally different person and I expected that not all my friendships would be the same. I was prepared for it. Friends in Australia told me not everyone would be able to “see” this person that I am.

Friends!Some friends couldn’t understand this new person I had suddenly become. Some friends thought I had got an attitude from Ausi. (Which I did! Lol, A positive attitude!!) Some friends decided that they didn’t have time for me. And some friends were ecstatic to see me happy and after years- really alive!

So I went with the flow. There were so many friendships that I didn’t want to lose, friendships I totally believe were the trees in my life. Friends that till today have huge homes in my heart and simply chose not to live there no matter how much I’ve tried to keep in touch.

A once very close friend of mine graduated this week and as much as I wanted to share in her joy and celebrations, I could only wish her success… Broke my heart…

Though You are at the other end of the world,
if I am in Your Heart.
then we are together.

Though You sit next to me,
if I am not in Your Heart,
You are at the other end of the world.

Being together means not knowing
that space where I end and You begin,
where it becomes the same
whether I am You,
or You are me.

–Shaikh Abu Saeed Abil-Kheir,
Nobody, Son of Nobody, Vraje Abamian

Friendship!Sometimes in life no matter how much you try to keep a friendship alive, it withers… More so when it’s just one person trying to keep it alive. I’m simply hurt by it. And now that I’ve got this positive attitude lol I shall celebrate the friendship that I’ve had. And I do believe that in time, the trees will grow again… Life isn’t over yet and the homes in my heart are always open! Lol…

My awesome friend, that has been with me through everything, said nothing about anything and yet it was more than enough simply ‘cause he was there for me. He showed he cared.

A friend should be radical
He should love you when you’re unlovable
Hug you when you’re unhuggable
And bear you when you’re unbearable.
A friend should be fanatical
He should cheer when the whole world boos
Dance when you get good news
And cry when you cry too.
But most of all, a friend should be mathematical
He should multiply the joy, divide the sorrow
Subtract the past and add to tomorrow
Calculate the need deep in your heart
And always be bigger than the sum of all their parts.

 Above poem reminds me of my Angel Dost- Love you dear friend!

Have any friends that still hold a place in your heart but can’t fit you in their lives???

Do you have a faith that your friendship will blossom again?

(And as a side note- To every friend I currently have, you have no idea how much your friendship means to me… especially ‘cause I have it at a time where my oldest friendships are in a new manifestation period…lol)


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