Gap Year… A Waste??

I wrote this in 2009… the year I took my gap year.

Ask me what I’ve done for fun last year (2008)… I cannot tell you.

When I did have fun it was sooo unconscious that it hardy registered to me.. the conscious one…
Oversome the world!I couldn’t breathe peacefully until all the campus work I had- was done, (by which time there was more to do)….. Well maybe I’m just lazy and don’t want to work for a degree that changes the way people think of me, ’cause a degree does that… people respect you without even knowing you.. they’ll trust you on just that basis… (speaking of which– I’ve never cared about what people think- I mean I still cut my hair near bald and I still act completely mad- I still laugh loud and I don’t care that my voice is unladylike and I can be a bit wild)……

But for this world I have to get a degree… to me it says (no offense to those who study and enjoy it all- everyone is different. I don’t mean to put degrees down, this is just what it means to me.) that I’ve lived through stress and pressure, studying my ass off to learn a bunch of stuff that makes more money for the rich and cannot guarantee happiness, love, peace and light (— ie. studying my ass of for a piece of paper that means nothing when its time for me to go before God….) What a waste of my life…

Sure.. I’ve taken a year off now, and to many (nearly all) people I’m wasting my time… not working, not studying…. but you know… I’ve learnt sooo much this year that I would never learn at an institution and it actually applies to my life, (the only life God will question me about)

Its stuff that makes my life, and the lives of the people around, me much better… its bringing the happiness, love, peace and light to these few lives… And it will continue to do so for all the other lives I will touch in my life time…. I don’t need a degree for this… I’m having fun… and it’s not a waste of time… I’d say my life up till this year was mostly wasted with stuff that I don’t use in my actual life…

Einstien said ” We are boxed in by the boundary conditions of our thinking “.. I’m testing each boundary… I tested the belief that I need to get a degree to live independently…. that was a boundary condition of my mind.. I don’t need a degree for my independence… I can earn my income, touch the lives of others and love doing it…. !!!! (and keep all my values and morals intact)


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  1. Didex
    Jul 23, 2011 @ 17:58:43

    Nice Post


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