I got reminded of a story that I think holds a lesson that has unbelievable value… And I know of many people (including myself) that should remember this story when they think of the ones they love and the impact we all have on each others lives…

GuidenceA mother loved her son very much, much like any mother. She brought him up and he started school. He began to steal small things from his friends. The first time he got caught he cried and cried and cried, and his mum’s heart melted… she held him close and forgave him. He continued to steal… he got better at not getting caught. When he did get caught, he cried and his mum forgave him.

As he got older he stole more, he killed people… He became a criminal.

He got caught.

At his trial he was sentenced to be hanged.

When asked what his last wish was, he wanted to talk to his mum… When he was face to face with his mother, he approached his mum, embraced her as best he could in handcuffs… He bit her ear off…

“You heard about my every wrong deed and yet you never guided me toward the right path. You heard me cry and cry for some kind of guidance when I didn’t understand the right or wrong of my actions and all you did was hold me close. I thank you for all your love, I’ll never be able to repay you for it. Some guidance may have changed my life… Good bye Mother”

We see and hear things from the ones we love and then we turn the other cheek because we are not their parents, their brothers or sisters or close friends… We stop ourselves from one word of guidance that just might make the difference…

Yes, not many people are open to guidance and many will tell you crap when you are trying to be a force of good in their lives, yet if you allow them to say whatever they need to and still say what you feel is necessary, you have the peace of mind that you did do the best you could do…

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  1. Didex
    Jul 23, 2011 @ 17:38:29

    I always make a meaningful experience as a lesson in my life 🙂


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