Before I went for a test drive in a mini cooper diesel, I never really took notice of the many people driving mini’s around me. The cars that caught my eye- and sometimes still do- are the vintage cars and sports cars…

Love my MiniYet after being inside the mini and experiencing the drive, the surprising space of the tiny thing and its unique style- I fell in love. My first real true love! Hmmmm… It is one of my deepest desires… The excitement just sends shivers down my spine! (getting side-tracked!)

Anyway… after falling in love, I see the mini cooper everywhere!!! It has come into my focus.

Now to the topic of my blog! (The above is relevant, lol.. I’m not totally off my rocker! Lol)

I have done quite a bit of self-development and something that often comes through is that we should feel abundant if we want to have abundance in our lives- be it in our relationships, our career opportunities, our good health, our spirituality or our wealth…

And quite often people focus on abundance, repeating affirmations such as “Gods wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance”… Yes, I do believe that this will work and the more focus one has the more it will show up in life… like me with the Mini Cooper! (See, relevance! Lol) We get what we focus on… which is why when people focus on the lack in their lives they seem to get more lack.

“Where focus goes, energy flows, results show….”

Where focus goes, energy flows, results showHowever it takes a while before we really FEEL abundant.

I know one way is to visualise and really be in the moment with your visualisation. I’ve done it often and I love it! The feeling is amazing as it feels like the whole universe is open to me and I am one with it!…

Another way is to give.

When we give- anything= time, money, clothes, gifts, advice, support… etc, etc.  We are giving our minds a subtle but very clear message, that there is more than enough and we can give. We are increasing our “knowingness” or belief that there is abundance in our lives. We begin to really feel abundant…

This is why those who give, always seem to have even more flowing in… We say, yes they are rich so they can give so much… but it is their feeling of abundance that increases the abundance in their lives. Of course I’m not saying give everything you own away so you can feel abundant… that would be defeating the purpose because lack will be staring you in the face and it will be stronger than the subtle message of more than enough… lol..

I feel good when I give. Which is why I give my Saturdays to volunteer work. And I have the most amazing friends! They amazed me this past weekend…

People can really blow you out the water when you allow for things to flow…

Love and FriendshipMy friends want to start a “Be An Elf Project”!

Basically we’re going to collect toys and clothes for orphans. One weekend in December we’ll go visit orphanages and spend some time with the children, play, dance, have fun… Mostly spread love and cheer…

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about it! Not because it increases my feelings of abundance but because I will be giving! To children! And I get to see the smiles on their faces and the laughter in their eyes! And to express a global kind of, spiritual kind of, love! So grateful for the friends in my life!

The point of this post was to encourage others to give! Not others! You! Either to increase the feelings of abundance in your life… or to just feel the awesomeness of giving, like me! Lol… Happy giving!




(Photo’s courtesy: Pic 1= arkamarka.com Pic 2= web.mac.com Pic 3= jucoolimages.com )


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  1. Didex
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 14:56:37

    Nice Post….


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