Magic Does Exist…!

So I’ve been a total jumble of stuff for the past week and a half… so much so that a week and half has felt like a month!

I had 5 days of spiritual fulfilment.

Pure Unconditional Divine LoveTo say the very least- Cause if I really write about it all I will never stop writing for quite some time- It was by far the best 5 spiritual days I have ever had in all my life.

I felt immensely blessed, totally grateful and so over come with the divine love I felt that I cried from how deeply it touched my heart and soul.  And I don’t cry like that ever. Usually when I cry I have a bunch of internal self talk trying to stop the tears… but those 5 amazing days, I just cried. Not in my hands, not lying on a bed, staring straight ahead and simply letting the tears flow. I couldn’t stop them nor did I want to. It was like my heart and soul was overflowing with pure love that I was receiving.

“You will never forget your children. You will always love them unconditionally. You will always forgive them. And you will always be there for them- even when they turn their back on you. They are your Life and Love.”

“You are His [the Lord] child. He will never forget you. He loves you unconditionally. He will forgive you. And He is always there for you- even when you turn away from Him. You are His Love. ”


And for some reason the past couple of months have been centred on topics of death. Or you could say ‘life and the lack thereof’.

My eldest aunt passed away over the weekend. And we weren’t very close. My dad and his brother don’t get along much so we hardly ever spent time together. However the day of the funeral, when I saw her lifeless body… I felt so unexpectedly sad. It was strange. It wasn’t that I felt her loss in my life; it was that she was lifeless.  A cold body that would never again move of its own will, in the front room of our house and the silence of the many people around me… it was a heavy sad.

Snow is MagicalAnd then as her coffin was taken outside it started to snow (where I live, it doesn’t snow ever) her coffin was put into the car and as they drove around the corner the snow stopped. (My sister says it was sleet… Like that made a difference to me?!) It made the departing of her body seem so magical. Almost like the heavens opened up and let in her soul while leaving a trial of white gorgeousness behind… (Not that I believe her soul was still around at that time… but the imagery in my mind was definitely seeing that!)

And somehow I felt blessed… and grateful… and full of divine love…

So even around this morbid topic of death for the past couple of months, I have somehow changed. Life is very long. And it is also at the same time very short.

The way we live determines it all…

Much love,



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Didex
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 22:29:06

    Every man will surely die, stay time of an unknown man. So, do the best in our lives.


  2. potatosandwich
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 10:26:33

    Firstly, condolences for the sad loss.
    Someone once said “Death is a wonderful experience” – it is the only thing that sits on our shoulder, goes around everywhere we go, not to sound spooky but it is there, waiting on the other three elements to arrive which would then force it’s hand….

    Time, Place, Reason.

    I once heard wise religious man given a discussion on this and he spoke of those three elements, all three, he said, would need to be in place and then ultimately nothing could stop death. Anyway, I will not dwell on this too much….

    For me, it is neither the heavens opening or the sun shining, it’s the legacy you leave behind that will determine your time here in God’s Great Play. I lost my father some 19 years ago, when his close friends mention those times to be in conversation, you can see a tear building up in their eyes, for me, that’s magic, it’s love, a bond that cannot be broken even when the darkness finally prevails.

    Have a nice day.


    • Shil Rani
      Aug 22, 2011 @ 12:42:29

      I totally agree with that! Death is a wonderful experience! And it is true, it is with us constantly- death just needs an excuse.

      I love that notion… it is the legacy you leave behind…
      I think that life itself is magical… and in the same way so is death… All that life brings has a magic in it that is beyond what we know or can see and all that death brings, Im sure, has to be magical- on a much profounder scale… I also think that love goes beyond life and death… It is the magic that connects eternally to God- for He is all Love…

      Thanks for the comments!
      I love!



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