I Peed my Pants Because…

The most purposeful and goal oriented person is the one that needs to go the toilet. At that moment all barriers seem insignificant. There is ONLY ONE TARGET, and that’s all that matters. At that moment it would be a little ridiculous to hear excuses like:

Toilet? Shower? or Both?I peed in my pants because:

– I had no time to go to the toilet…

– Oh, i was so tired…

– I lost all the hope…and had no faith in my ability to run.

– Yes of course, He made it to the toilet. But did you see how long his legs are?…..

– I am not smart enough to do it …

– I peed in my pants 5 times, I will never be able to make a run for the toilet…

– Clearly its not something for me

– I knocked, but the toilet door was locked

– I wasn’t motivated enough…

– I was depressed…

– I dont have any money, i cant afford it….

– I decided to go tomorrow



Now, the question is: how often do we use these excuses in other situations, when our SUCCESS is at stake?


P.S. Isnt it funny how its true?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Didex
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 16:16:19

    Very nice


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