Be Awake! See the lesson!

I’ve never blogged in the early hours of the morning… But since I am awake I thought, “Well, I have a treasure chest of different perspectives of a new experience I just had, might as well blog it… And get some other people laughing too!” lol

It’s 3:30am, I was enjoying a dream- can’t remember it but I’m sure I must have been enjoying it, lol- and Mum opens my room door, Pipe leakingI’m awake, then she asks, “The tap in the kitchen is leaking, do you know how to close the main water ” (now that’s not really word for word, I was half asleep! : )

I was like, “Huh?”
So she repeats herself, quite patiently… And here I’m thinking to myself, “oh God, you cannot be serious!” lol…

“Yeah, it’s outside, where’s the pliers?”

I pull on my gown, pull off my socks and find my slippers. She shows me where the leak is, not that I’d have any idea how to fix it! (If she only knew how I almost flooded the kitchen one day while trying to get a load of washing done, I’m sure she wouldn’t have woken me up! lol)

plumbing gone wrong(Please bear in mind that I’m a young woman, have never done any plumbing in all my life!)

So we trek outside to where the water meter is, cell phone in hand as my makeshift torch (I wrote makeshit the 1st time lol) we get to the meter, it’s full of muddy water… My mind, “Dear Lord help!”

So we get down on our knees, she’s holding the meter open and I have my hands in muddy water trying to put the pliers around this tap-like thing so I can turn it. –“which way do I turn?”

None of us know! (That’s my mum, my eldest sister and I)

So we’re turning this both clockwise and anti-clockwise and nothing is budging. I’m trying. Mums trying. The pliers keep slipping off and its wet and we can’t exactly see in the meter to know what’s what… (Hands to big!) Then suddenly mum tells me, “It’s this short one that you must turn”
to which I reply, “I’ve been trying to turn the long one this whole time!, So which one is it?”

None of us know. Lol

So finally we decide, let’s just get dad up, he can come and sort it out. (Wanted to avoid this- hence it is the last thing we did- mostly ‘cause dad will do what needs to get done, but in the loudest, most complaining way. Feels like a headache to ask, you know?)

So I go to wake my dad up. Lol. He responds, “Huh?” So I patiently repeat myself. He starts to ask, “which pipe is leaking?”  I quite quickly reply, “under the basin, we’re outside, come close the water”

He takes about 5 minutes to get there. He sees the pliers, asks how can we do anything with them and asks where is the torch?

Back in the house… can’t find his tool box, or the torch! Happy days hey!? Lol

Eventually we get what we need, we’re back outside and in like 20 seconds flat the water is closed! Lmao!

Lesson – Get an expert, use the right tools! (And have patience!!!!) Lol : > Like with every other problem in life! How much do we avoid what we know on some level would help, just because we don’t like how the solution looks or we don’t like what it will force us to do to be free of the problem?

temporary solutionSo we back in the house, checking out where it’s leaking, why it’s leaking… Dad has an array of tools and the like spread out on the kitchen table and still we don’t have what we need. We find a temporary solution as it’s too early for shops to be open for us to get whatever is needed (I still don’t know if it’s a washer we need or a pipe! Lmao!)

So I chose to believe that abundance is overflowing in my life! That was a sign! Lol : D

And after it all, mums cleaning here saying, “Such a headache you know…”

I find myself saying, “Hota hain, hota hain” Lol…

(It happens, it happens)



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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. potatosandwich
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 12:01:10

    Oh what fun that sounds, out in the early hours of the morning with your “jim-jams” on, slippers on feet and a makesh*t torch in hand….well done for trying.

    I learnt that lesson too:

    Me > Wife: Darling, I think I might give decorating the lounge a try, save some money too, what do you think?

    Wife > me: If you had to save money on hiring a Project Manager, would you get a decorater in to deliver the project?

    Me > Wife: No way

    Wife > me: You have your answer.

    Lesson > Always get an expert, it’s what they have trained themselves to do….


  2. Aneesa
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 12:07:28

    this is so funny… but i think the lesson here is…. woman should at least know….if needs must…. we should know how to at least turn the water off!!


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