Love… It has its own Language!

Gary Chapman writes in his book, “The 5 Love Languages” ( I haven’t read it, just learnt about it from a mentor) about the different languages we each speak to express our love to our loved ones and the language we understand when our loved ones express love to us.

The 5 Love LanguagesThere are 5 Love Languages… Now if you’re speaking Chinese to your loved one who doesn’t understand Chinese and you’re telling them that you love them, obviously they aren’t going to feel very loved. And vice versa for yourself.

It is the reason that sometimes in marriages after some time the relationship loses its spark. Each individual hasn’t been speaking to their significant other in their Love Language.



The 5 Love languages are as follows:  (taken via )

  • Quality time– Feel loved when spend time together, love having complete attention.
  • Receiving gifts– Feel loved when gifts are given.
  • Words of affirmation– Feel loved when told of the love and affection that is felt.
  • Physical touch– Feel loved by the special touch of a loved one.
  • Acts of service– Feel loved when things are done to help out.

The 5 Love LanguagesIf you’d like to know what your love language is, take Gary Chapmans test here… (And maybe get your partner to so the same so you can begin to speak each other’s language ; >)

And as usual this isn’t what my blog is really about… : D lol

I think there is something that Gary Chapman might have missed… Or maybe he just went into far more detail and depth than what I’m thinking… Who knows? Here’s what I’m thinking, you can tell me what you think… Cool?

At the place where I do volunteer work (I have mentioned this in a past post- “Who says you gain nothing from doing Volunteer work” ) there are so many people who are all from different walks of life, different generations, different upbringings, different ways of communicating etc etc and yet we all understand each other. More often than not I feel loved by being in a place that I am doing nothing but maintenance of a property.

But I can also say that not everybody feels as peaceful as I do. Not everyone finds that harmony and happiness there. Often there is a disconnection because one has a problem with the way someone else relates to them or the way they do things…

Universal LoveThat’s where this Love Language comes in. Because I have associated a spiritual meaning to the property, I see, do and feel only love when I’m there and that’s the space from which I see everyone and relate to everyone too. Like the once when I couldn’t understand anything one of the other volunteers ever said, until I chose to listen with loving ears… She has down syndrome.

I think there is a universal love language that ties us all together, one we all understand and know how to communicate with… Only more often than not we are disconnected from it and fail to see and relate with others from that space… Very much like the universal language that Paulo Coelho talks of in his book “the Alchemist”…

What do you think?





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