Tears can be Good?

Today I feel like I have so much to write! It’s like it all wants to come bursting forth- can’t believe that in one week I would be so different or that life would begin changing for me in so short a time. Guess it’s true- life can change in a second!

VulnerabilityTears, vulnerability, the courage to be vulnerable… and comfort. Things I have touched on in previous blogs – Mother…  ; Trust… ; Self-Respect and True Love and Relationships…

Here is a bit more touching,  lol ; >

I watched an Antony Robbins Video on an internet training program that his company was conducting and one of the topics raised was vulnerability… Made me think differently about vulnerability… Usually it is seen as a weakness, but it really could be the one thing that makes you and your relationships all the more stronger!

When we are vulnerable, we are actually being so open, showing all that we are- totally bare- flaws and faults- and hoping that after having seen this deep part of us that the one we’ve been vulnerable with, will still love and cherish us as we are… It’s scary for many people- me included- and usually requires a heap load of trust…

So when one of my friends told me that something didn’t go quite as planned and his girlfriend ended up in tears…(something that broke his heart),  I was rejoicing!

Love! : )Because the event that had taken place couldn’t be erased and I could see the undeniable bond that had just been formed for her and her absolute trust in him. She allowed herself to be vulnerable with him.

She could have held back and let her emotions lose when she was alone and then talked to him when her heart felt lighter- but she didn’t.

She trusts him so completely that she opened up to him and allowed him to comfort her when she felt her crappiest in that moment. She knows, now, to her very core, that she can go to him for comfort and she will find it. She knows, now, to her core, that she can be who she is completely and this man will love her unconditionally.

And MAN! What more would my friend ever want in his life, than to be the HERO of her life!

Friends Hugging!Then this past weekend- My legendary friends cried with me and I cried with them… and our friendship is only stronger for it, in more ways then what we realise…

Rough seas in life are good- for when it’s smooth sailing again (and it always changes) the relationship is stronger for having survived the storm- to see the gorgeousness of all that is in this life because we sail through it together…

(pics courtesy: pic 1- writerscafe.org ; pic 2- vi.sualize.us ; pic 3- Mine.)


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