There are so many thoughts, ideas and reasoning’s on LOVE… Why not add my own to the mix? Lol

While I can say with 100% certainty that I have not been truly in love, I do say the rest based on being on the outside of love relationships that I have seen or heard of.

Here’s some of my ideas about it all…

  • Buddha was Prince Siddhartha before he became known as Buddha… His parents tried to shelter him from sickness, suffering and aging. These were concepts he had never seen, heard or known for 29 Buddhayears of his life. It was only after he had learnt of human suffering that he had chosen to free people from such suffering… That is how he had started his journey to spiritual enlightenment.
    My point: It is only when we have experienced emotions do we know the meaning of them. You know what sadness is because you have experienced it. You know what LOVE is because you have experienced it before….
    Now, I did say above that, “I can say with 100% certainty that I have not been truly in love”- How can I know this if I have not felt it before??
    Which must mean I have felt true love, I know what it feels like and I know when I’m feeling it… right?
    So when have I experienced it?
    I’m guessing I’ve known real true love from what I have received from my family… Probably my mum, for as a child I wasfirst connected with her…
    Which, I guess, means that a question of, “How do you know you’re in love?” can only be answered by, “You either feel it, or you don’t.”
    And that brings me to my next idea!:
  • Love is a choice. Yes, so many people, movies and books have said that you don’t choose who you love and when, it just happens. I think it just feels like it, ‘just happens’ but there is a point when a choice is made and a heart is given…
    You choose LoveYou choose who you love… based on whatever it is, that any individual does to make you feel loved. I’m sure you know of lots of people you could just love and lots of people that you can never think of in that way… It’s a choice- probably an unconscious one, that you are making based on what you know and like (or dont like) about these people. And it’s the best possible choice for your growth as an individual…
    Example –> I dated my ex, I loved him, I gave my whole heart to that relationship and my heart did shatter to pieces when it ended… And I think I knew from the word go that I would never end up spending my life with him… It was the choice I had made on some level. (Doomed relationship?)
    I think love is a choice people make all the time. Either to give their heart or to not. I gave my heart so I could explore the possibility of a lifelong relationship… And toward the end of the relationship I understood why it wasn’t lifelong.
  • I think this is also the reason why quite a few arranged marriages work… people choose to love the person they’ve chosen to marry…
    Think of your own love life- why do you love the person you love?
    You don’t have a reason that fully says it all??

“Maybe you love them because, from everyone in the world, you chose them? And they chose you back?”

How would that statement sit with you?

  • Now… point number one and point number two are conflicting points… Did you notice?
    If it’s a case of ‘either you feel it or you don’t’, where does choice come into it? What do you think?
  • My last idea… I think that people are capable of loving just about anyone. Caste, colour, creed, Love anyonealcoholic, addict, abuser, fat, thin, handsome, pretty, plain etc etc has no role in the choice people make when they ‘fall’ in love. Another reason why lots of arranged marriages work… Regardless of what the person ends up being like, each loves the other once they have committed wholeheartedly to the relationship.
    Everyone in this world wants to love and be loved and when a person commits to such an awesome thing as love, it becomes your most prized treasure… something you’d never ever give up for anything.
    Mother Teresa is complete proof of the capability people have to love just about anyone.

What is your idea on Love?!

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