It Got A Bit Serious!?

I quoted the following in one of my past blogs:

“To have that sense of one’s intrinsic worth which constitutes self-respect is potentially to have everything: the ability to discriminate, to love and to remain indifferent. To lack it is to be locked within oneself, paradoxically incapable of either love or indifference.” -Joan Didion

Lack of Self RespectWhen people lack self-respect completely they tend to lack respect for everyone else around them too… (I’m speaking from my own observance- I just won’t name names) They are rude, abrupt and behave as though the world revolves around them. They also have no respect for boundaries- neither those of age (respect your elders) nor those of dress (there are just some places you would dress “decently” as appose to “open and on the verge of slutty”) nor those of culture.

Now that all sounds very harsh and judgmental and I don’t mean to be so… through seeing all of this, I also saw something that made, “to lack it is to be locked within oneself”, make more sense. If a person cannot totally accept who they are and fall totally in love with all that they are, how can they possibly come to respect themselves and others?
Self RespectAnd if you are not being who you are because you haven’t accepted who you are, then the real you is really “locked within oneself”.

Now the question arises, if you yourself have self-respect and a good self-esteem, as to “why would one not love oneself? Why would one not accept oneself as is?”

Here’s where my compassion came in. People who cannot or rather do not love themselves; often have problems with who they are…

They either cannot truly feel the hurt that people have brought to their lives and then get over it

or they build around themselves a wall so that no one can see what they have been through nor can anyone hurt them.

Sort of like safe-guarding the parts of themselves that are most vulnerable… But what this also means is that they keep out all good that can be had…

It helps to let it outSometimes it’s really heartbreaking to face all the wounds we have… to feel all the hurt that is in our hearts and then to try and make peace with it so we can learn to love who we are and the lives we’ve lived. It takes courage and support. Courage to look at it all, feel it, accept it, to forgive yourself as well as others… And support to get through it all, to bring you back up and to show you just how loveable you really are.

Life is all about the ups and downs and the stumbling blocks that help us grow… And when we choose to not grow, we stay stagnant and nothing in life ever really brings us happiness.

It may be difficult, but it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE! Face it all!

And if ever you need some guidance here’s some that will help you leap straight into your potential and personal power…

Live your Dreams…

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