Organic Death!

I just read this and I had to share!

It puts a new and more empowering view on death… I think this is how death should be viewed…

From 1 Dimension to the nextWell, first we’ll say we really appreciate your disrespectful word of croaking, we like it very much, because there is no such thing as death….

So, let’s get this straight in your mind. So what happens when some beautifully connected, physically focused human Being transcends into Nonphysical? In other words, lies on the pillow as you’re describing, and goes to sleep, and wakes up in the Nonphysical dimension and does not wake up in this dimension? What has happened?

Did life peter out from them? No. They made another decision about where they wanted to focus their Consciousness. It is only the resistance that breaks your body down. And so, what you’re talking about is living in a good feeling, clear-minded, creative body for as long as this time/space reality will excite you and incite you and draw Energy through you. And then, at some point along the way, when you have discovered everything that you want to discover from here, you will make another decision.

The reason that you do not remain in these physical bodies for hundreds of years, is because from your Broader Nonphysical Perspective, you want the eager new vantage point. You’re not coming for the younger, fresher, weller bodies. You’re coming for the fresher vantage points.”

—Abraham in Seattle, Washington on May 27, 2000

I think it is such an “organic” kind of way to look at ‘death’…  I’m loving it… It somehow says, “All is well” even when a loved one dies…

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  1. potatosandwich
    Nov 24, 2011 @ 15:28:53

    If God engineered the mechanics of the body, then I guess we have to ask ourselves why each of us were given varying clocks. The body grows old however how “organically” you live may determine how well perserved your body remains, but we know that’s not the order of the world, death does not look at age, person or responsibility.

    If it’s our Consciousness that finally decides on “moving on”, would we call ourselves shelfish, that we have decided to move on to the “next new thing” while leaving behind loved ones who maybe needed us a little more?

    I guess the Soul of a person is not loyal to anyone? or is it?


  2. Shil Rani
    Nov 24, 2011 @ 16:32:47

    Wow! Interesting! You making me think! (LOVE IT)

    I think we chose the varying cloaks so as to learn something from being human like this… I think the lesson (for me) would be to see God in everyone and to learn unconditional love…

    Selfish?! Its an interesting thought. Today if think anything about and for yourself and you’re seen as selfish… however I imagine that when each of us goes to the place where we meet our creator, He/She/Source will not want to know about anyone but you. And when it does come to the time of death, we go alone… nothing and no one comes with… we make that journey alone… Would it not then make sense to start thinking of ourselves and getting more into self-realization so we may make the journey from here easier?

    Loved ones we leave behind… Death, as they say is a part of life, If we choose to leave anyone at any specific time to move on to the “next new thing”, shouldn’t the ones that love you be happy for you? Honestly I don’t think anyone really needs anyone else, we all have the ability to be totally independent… I think its more of a want that we have for those we love… are they then, not being selfish but wanting to stop your growth as a spiritual being?

    Loyalty… Souls, in my opinion don’t have any limitations… and so loyalty is of no question.. it is what it is (which can never be described as that would be limiting it) and it merges back to God/Source/whatever-you-think-of-it-as

    Wow! That was some amazing thought! Thanks for the spark that brought it all forth!


  3. potatosandwich
    Nov 24, 2011 @ 17:24:48

    Interesting points Shilpa.

    If we should remain shelfish and think of ourselves, then why bother forming relationships?

    On Loved ones: Common sense tells you that one day, you, your family and friends will cease to exist, when they cease to exist, we don’t know. Sikhism talks about five vices, one of them being “attachment”. It states that one should not get too attached to others, be it their mother, father, brother or sister, wife, husband, that one should aim to attach themselves to “Naam”, which is the sacred Name. To this I agree, nothing is permanent, only God (if you choose to believe). Yes we can all be independant, but I think in Life we do need others, that’s what makes us weak, vunerable, dependant, human, otherwise we are then all Gods in our own right.

    Is it our decision to leave? When we are born, our time, place and reason of death was already stamped on our foreheads, there is no escaping that, death constantly sits on our shoulder, waiting for the call, to accompany you to the One who will look over your deeds in this life. Death is a wonderful experience as much as living is, we should look forward to that next spiritual step.

    Consider this, during the Age of Truth, spritual people used to go to empty mountains and woods to meditate on the Name of God, to be away from all other people, including their familes, one could say they were being shelfish, neglecting their duty as a family person. Spirituality is not something that should be obtained sitting somewhere in a quiet zone, it needs to be obtained right in the middle of all the distractions that take place, it needs to be obtained in conjunction with the “Worldly” duties you have to partake in, those responsibilities, otherwise where is your test as a human being to Spiritual being.

    I believe that God resides in each and every person [every living organism], no matter how good or bad they are. Yes it can be hard to believe, especially when we as people cause such misery. Now we term that as the “light”, which then moves out of the body and submerge with God at the point we get the call and shed this shell we were given.



  4. Shil Rani
    Nov 24, 2011 @ 18:09:23

    I LOVE!
    I am totally a believer of what you term ‘Sikhism’, i just wanted to be able to say what I did without putting too much of my belief ,in the path I follow, in it…

    I did not mean that we should not form relationships, that is inescapable as, from the time you are born, you have relationships… they are also there as we all have karmic debts that you need to pay others and they need to pay you…

    If, in all our life our spiritual focus is to attach to Naam, then there is no question of selfishness… it is a spiritual purpose that we have this human life for… it is also by attaching to Naam that we begin to loosen the grip that we have to the attachment of all things in this physical world… I still, however think we don’t need others, we have karmic accounts with everyone and we have duties in this life to certain people, but to say we need them would be to affirm our sense of attachment, no? If we are attached to Naam then we have no need for anything, we simply have the duties of this life and the karmic debts…

    I agree! It is written. The number of breathes we have and the time we will take our last one… it really is inescapable… though I also think that if you are living your life in a way that continues to take you toward attaching to Naam, then when your time comes to leave, you too will know that it is now that you are ready for that new vantage point, to close your eyes in this dimension and open them in another… It is the next spiritual step.

    I think we are spiritual beings having a human experience… and in this experience we have our duties to fulfill.. and as we do, we also have a duty to our-self to attach to Naam and to detach from the world… to live in this world but not be of it.

    Yes… I believe the same thing.. we are the light… Hence light cannot have any limitation put upon it… even that of loyalty.. and yes.. if we have finished our karmas we will merge with God… or we will come back into the wheel of 84…



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