My 38 Day Challenge…

ChallengeI wrote about how I would start this 38 day challenge in a past blog and today marks the 38th day…
While I have not done everything I set out to do, to the “T”, (some habits have yet to become solid! lol) most of what my challenge was based on has been achieved! =D

I have succeed in living more of my dream NOW then I had been before! From the very first day I felt like a brand new person, like I was who I have always wanted to be and yet I know I’m not there yet completely and I have learnt so much through this challenge…!

Live your dream!I have learnt to not be so hard on myself. Before this challenge I constantly put myself  down for the things that I wished to accomplish but didn’t… As I stopped doing that, I stopped de-motivating myself and I began moving toward the completion of my goals!

I had a major shift in my career and I realized what is meant by the road to ones dreams is not a hair-width path but rather a wide and vast highway that will get to your destination regardless of the accidents or road blocks on the way… provided your direction doesn’t change! ; >

Feel Good!When you make your dream and the level of “good feeling” in your life your focus, anything can happen at any time and you can easily overcome the challenge or turn the obstacle into a miracle!

I’ve come to understand manifestations so much more! It happened all month! I would talk of something and within a couple of days something would show up that related to what I spoke about. So amazing!

It doesn’t end here though! This is just a new beginning! I plan to make my habits even deeper… and as each day passes there seems to be more I want to include in my dream life…

Everyday (almost) of the entire challenge I wrote something that reflected something I could learn or something I observed from the day… They are below!

Day #1 “Today is where your book begins… the rest is still unwritten!!”

Day #2 Its been challenging….

Day #3 With determination everything gets better…!

Day #4 Clarity is awesome… I be asking the right questions!

Day #5 All you really need is within and inspiring conversations will show you how much you haven’t realized you do have inside!

Day #6

Day #7 Emotional Flexibility, Patience and Letting Go… Wow. Lots to learn yet!

Day #8 The Ultimate test of commitment! I feel like I failed it! Tomorrow begins with renewed enthusiasm and energy! I will get this! Nothing can stop me!

HeartDay #9 All is Well… Family is family and Love is Unstoppable.

Day #10 The past makes you who you are today… The present constantly gives you the opportunity to change who you will be in the future! Who do you want to be?

Day #11 There is NO set path toward your dream… it will always be the path you choose to take that will take you to your dream- provided that is the destination you visualize…!

Day #12 Huge leap forward yesterday, few steps back today… Still moving forward! Dare you to TRY and stop me! : P

Day #13

Day #14 Clear and enthusiastic mind, life’s good! =D

Day #15 Choice is empowering! Be aware of what you choose in every moment, there just may be something you are choosing that you don’t really want..

Day #16 When you live the life you most want to be living in this very moment, Something magical happens… You become more you than you ever were… And you will never realize it until you live that life!

Day #17 Just as all the questions you have are from within… so to are the answers there, within.. Sometimes all that’s needed is to talk to someone about anything, and if you’re present, the answer will come…

Day #18 Live in this world… be not of it… It’s so easy to be of this world.. to forget that there is a world beyond, that we really belong to… Direction and Purpose… much gratitude…

Day #19 Innocence has much to teach as it has to learn… Sometimes we don’t realize what we are really capable of… (untapped potential??)

TLCDay #20 Sometimes at the end of a day, all you want is to be cuddled like a baby… And, dear God, ice cream!

Day #21 Life is a challenge! Take it on with enthusiasm and you create what you really actually want! (Know what you want! Be clear about it- or you will end up accepting mediocrity into every aspect of your life!)

Day #22 People come and go from our lives… it’s the flow of nature.. Gratitude that I was blessed to know you all anyway…

Day #23 Stop. If you don’t pay attention, you pay with pain. Stop. The Mind, Body and Soul are interlinked. Stop. When the mind is troubled or the body is sick, Stop., chances are you are not completely aligned with your soul and its purpose… Stop.

When was the last time you really stopped?

Day #24 With Love and Care anything, anybody, any relationship CAN grow! Be willing to receive and be willing to give…

Day #25 “Lets say life is this square of the sidewalk. We’re born at this crack and we die at that crack. Now we find ourselves somewhere inside the square and in the process of walking out of it. Suddenly we realize our time in here is fleeting. Is our quick experience here pointless? Does anything we say or do in here really matter? Have we done anything important? Have we been happy? Have we made the most of these precious few footsteps?? ” (Calvin & Hobbes)

Day #26 My new Mantra= Everything is always working out for me!

Day #27 Sometimes you just cant stop yourself from loving… caring… wanting the best for others…

Day #28 Sometimes its connection with people that give you even more energy and keep your spirits high… Sometimes you just need your own space to get back to feeling like the you, you know you are….

Day #29 Life can change in a second! One decision and your path can become another… & when you feel good, the creative juices flow… its inspiring!

Day #30 You have got to walk with faith through the lows so you can dance with joy through the highs…

LoveDay #31 You were given a heart to love.. So love…

Day #32 When you have the right tools, you can get back to being who you want to be, faster!

Day #33 If you face what life gives you when it gives it to you, you don’t have to face it ever again… You close that chapter, and open up a new one!

Day #34 It’s not always about you. Dont take things so personally… (you’ll end up feeling silly when you realise it got nothing to do with you..)

Day #35 I’ve decided that sometimes its ok to be totally lost and alone. And sometimes your all isn’t good enough for others, but that’s their problem… You are who you are. Sometimes people hurt you… learn the lesson and move on with life.
(Yes, I know, sometimes easier said then done, but not impossible.)

Thank You…

Day #36 Sometimes a day can blow you out the water! lol!

Day #37 Love… More than enough said!

Day #38 Every chapter ends so a new one may begin. Live each chapter for what it is and make the next one what you most desire! Live your dreams… Not just your life!


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8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bailey Mikell
    Nov 30, 2011 @ 21:08:33

    I really love this… Good for you!! What an amazing thing to do for yourself. You seem like an amazing person.


  2. potatosandwich
    Dec 01, 2011 @ 13:44:34

    Well done Shilpa, great achievement, you have shown excellent discipline, resiliance and self understanding and through this you have gained Self-realisation.

    I am about to embark on a series of interesting posts about “life”, yes one big subject. However, consider this, were we put here to discover ourselves in time so that we can make the ultimate contribution before our time is up?

    Question is, what was your end goal on Day 1 and have you reached that on Day 38?


    • Shil Rani
      Dec 01, 2011 @ 14:27:57

      Thank you so much! Amazingly kind words! 🙂
      Will be tuned in for those posts!
      I think that the first step for this life is self-realization and then only can the possibility for God-realization open up… The ultimate purpose of this life…

      I have achieved my goal… And now there are simply more goals to achieve and the learning just never stops!



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  4. Didi
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 23:32:50

    Shilpa! You’re such an impressive young lady.


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