Mr. Bean made my Christmas Eve!

Its Christmas Eve… I’m blogging… And I’m excited! =D

Today was just an awesome day!

Morning WalkI had such a revitalizing morning walk! It was kind of overcast today… The air was crisp, cool… fresh. The world just waking up around me… that I had such an intense feeling of gratefulness to be alive, well and living my dream… Nothing beats that! Nothing! Manifestation!

(I say manifestation because so often, when its joy, we don’t really realize that what we experience is really something we did want to live at some point in time)

Volunteer WorkVolunteer work didn’t feel like volunteer work today… Felt like I was with family, doing things together, enjoying each other’s company… I felt so blessed when I got home- blessed to have the opportunity to do volunteer work and even more blessed that I have such special bonds with people I wouldn’t have otherwise known… Manifestation!

Deep Sleep NapI had an awesomely deep sleep nap… so deep that when my mum called to get me up I was ALL over the place… LOL… sometimes I think I get all my excited-ness from my mum! It’s so easy to get her excited and moving! At that same time got a call from a clown who drives and talks on the phone at the same time (and THANK GOD he didn’t get injured cos he was talking to me) And he was coming to fetch me to meet up lol… Manifestation!

Went to meet my bestest buddies… there is just something so amazing about catching up a bit with friends… Manifestation!

Friends! Life!While at my friend’s place I saw bits and pieces of a movie I now, really wanna watch. Now I’m not a fan of Mr. Bean. When I was younger I watched it like mad… as I grew older it began to irritate me to no end, I couldn’t stand it… I can’t stand stupid comedy! I love comedy that’s got a bit of wit in it, some substance, you know? Any who! “Mr. Beans Holiday” is the movie and here’s why I just have to watch it!

If you have watched it (or if you haven’t I guess) let me ask you this… if you just stop laughing at the ridiculous-ness of it all what is really going on? You will see what’s actually happening, what he is doing and you’ll find some of life’s greatest lessons!


I’m not crazy!

Ok maybe a little….

But life’s greatest lessons from Mr Beans Holiday!

Mr Bean's HolidaySo I haven’t watched the whole movie… but 3 scenes from the little I watched really stood out!
His bus ticket flies out of his mouth (I think). He goes after it. It attached itself to the foot of a chicken which travels in a Ute. Mr Bean is of such a single focus/purpose mind that he goes after the ticket not realising that he is actually traveling distances and that the bus is not going to be there when/if he gets back… everything that comes in his way isn’t an obstacle- it’s a means of getting closer to his desire!
It is that kind of focus that is needed toward goals and dreams! That’s the focus that makes it all happen!

The other scene is when he is on a stage, receiving a huge round of applause and praise… and he leaves that because his purpose still hasn’t been found/manifested… How often do we forget what our goals are in life when so-called “life” happens and we get busy, distracted…?

Life's LessonsThe last scene that I just loved!!! (Yes, I loved a Mr Bean Scene! I never thought I’d see the day I’d say something like that!) Was when he sees the beach through a window- this goal/purpose. He doesn’t even realise he is on the top floor of a building… he just walks toward the beach… and EVERYTHING lines up to get him there from the top floor to safely on the sands of the beach… He trusts so much, with so much faith that everything is just going the way he most wants… and it does! That’s the kind of faith that makes dreams happen…

And everyone that has meant anything to him during this holiday are all at the beach too… Manifestation!

I can’t wait to watch this whole movie! I feel like I have so much to learn from Mr. Bean! And I haven’t even given my thoughts on how he says nothing but conveys so so much!

(the clown reminded me that the above may not be what they had meant to portray, maybe so… Its my point of view, I’m thinking it’s awesome! : )

That was my Christmas Eve! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s manifestations!
I feel like I have so many more blogs I want to write! But for now it’s time for bed…


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