Letter to Me. New Year’s Resolutions.

Letters to MeSince grade 5- year 5 of school- I wrote a letter to myself at the beginning of each new year… A letter to be opened at the start of the next year. (So the letter of 1 Jan 2011 was opened 31 Dec 2011)

I mostly asked myself if I am where I thought I’d be, highlighting all the goals I had created at the beginning of the new year (Jan 2011) as well as asking myself if certain aspects of my life had turned out in a specific way…

InsightfulIt’s been so interesting to read each letter at the end of every year, It has made me so much more aware of how much I’ve grown in the year and just what I thought about myself and aspects of my life a year ago… Not to mention there have been goals that have been forgotten until I’ve read the letter where the ‘past me’ was expecting it to be completed… Strangely there have been so many times that I’ve been amazed at my ‘past self’ because I  knew at the beginning of the year what was under wraps and by the time the ‘present me’ read the letter it was surprising to see that I had picked up on it before it had happened…

So writing letters to keep up with the goals achieved, the relationships mended, the career milestones, the spiritual advancement, the material things bought etc etc has been so insightful!

However this year things kind of just happened differently…

Sir Albert EinsteinSir Albert Einstein defined Insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I don’t really make New Year resolutions; I mostly write of what I desire for the year in my letter and then see how things have gone when I read the letter at the end of the year… A lot of my goals have been achieved, so it’s all good… Though this year I guess I felt the need for something new or maybe I needed to express my goals and aspirations in a different way…

Gratitude JournalI have a Gratitude Journal. One of my habits in my 38 day Challenge was to make an entry of at least 5 things I am grateful for every day…
So on New Year’s eve as I sat to write what I am grateful for, I started to write of everything that I want to achieve and experience in 2012- only I wrote as though I had achieved and experienced it all already and now am feeling the gratitude of having been through it all.

I have an image and vision of every single goal I have for 2012, I know just how it will feel to be in the moment of achieving it and I jotted down my gratitude for it in my journal… Why would I do such a thing?

It has been said that the mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and what you imagine- reality for the mind is based on what you believe and expect… and that is why the mind is so powerful, as you believe something you cause it to be a part of your reality as the mind goes out looking for the reality it knows.

Thank YouAs I have been grateful for everything in 2012, my mind sees it as all achieved and experienced… yet what my mind will see during this year will contradict that, and that will cause me to bring it all into my experience, because I already believe it to be my reality…

I read my New Year entry this morning too, and I felt so grateful for it all as images and feelings of my year came up… I think it’s how I’m going to start every day for 2012…

And we’ll see how 31 Dec 2012 gratitude entry looks! = D

I’m so excited to be on the journey for 2012!

Happy Happy New Year to all my followers, readers, friends and family! ❤
Live your dreams, Not just your Life!

New Year Resolutions

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8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Didi
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 22:27:05

    Shilpa! Again you manage to inspire me and find my heart smiling at yours 🙂

    You are beautiful and I think I may take an idea or 2 from your rituals and incorporate them into my life this year. I tried the gratitude journal thing and I fell off the wagon, but I will get back on. It is useful and enriching to do so.

    I sincerely hope all that you set out to achieve and experience this year shall be.


    • Shil Rani
      Jan 02, 2012 @ 13:06:24

      Lol…! That’s exactly how I feel when I read your blogs!

      Thank you! You most welcome to take my ideas and use them, may they bring you as much happiness and peace as they do for me!
      I love doing the gratitude journal as I find that it always lifts my spirits when I’m feeling down and I read about the things I am grateful for in Life. I have also very very recently started a celebration journal- in which I write about everything I feel needs to be celebrated in my life- including things that “the world” doesn’t recognize as an achievement- like getting over a past relationship or some such… I think it will do wonders for when I am next feeling down in the dumps 🙂

      Thank you Didi! I hope that everything goes just as you want this year and you receive everything you have been waiting for!
      Huge Hugs!


  2. Didi
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 22:27:36



  3. potatosandwich
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 16:30:44

    All the best for 2012 Shilpa, it’s not a question of wishing for dreams to come true, but just a matter of time, which I think with you will be sooner rather then later because you are driven and motivated not to sit on things.

    Happy Blogging 2012..!


  4. Heena Patel
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 22:05:51

    Happy & fruitful 2012!!! WOW! What an awesome way to start it… with gratitude!
    Brilliant idea!
    You are so right… The best is yet to come!!


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