Blind Faith…? !

I was recently playing a game- Word Association- (via Facebook chat) with an awesome friend. Basically you say a word and the other person says the first word that pops into their head and so on it goes… It’s an awesome conversation opener as everyone associates different images to words and hence thinks of different words compared to what you would think and say… It’s interesting to know what people think of when they hear certain words and why they have those thoughts.

Blind FaithAs we were playing she said “faith” and the first word that came to my mind was “blind” (I typed blond the first time! Lmao)

Usually ‘blind faith’ has a kind of negative connotation to it, meaning- almost always- that you are believing in something without knowing much about it. Most often I’ve heard ‘blind faith’ when people accuse others of following a religion just because their parents follow it, not because it really speaks to them or it’s the best way of living they have found, after looking in to other spiritual paths. ‘Blind Faith’

The game got me thinking as to why I would associate faith and blind, as recently I’ve read some pretty amazing stuff on faith and in my own spirituality I’ve felt faith flow…

FaithMy understanding of faith is that, it really is blind. (Or it can be) Regardless of the facts and what the logical mind knows to be true, if you feel that faith flow, the rest doesn’t really matter. You believe because you’ve felt it, and because you’ve felt it, you know it to be truer than anything else. You could know nothing about anything and have that feeling and you will be committed to that belief as long as forever or some kind of significant emotional event happens to negate that belief.

I can say the above with so much conviction because I’ve felt faith simply flow. When I was younger I didn’t really believe in a God (or the lack of), I just lived life- you could say I had no faith in anything. My family isn’t really religious or anything and I never felt the need to search for meaning to life. (Sounds kind of strange hey, me, that finds so much meaning now, in everything! Lol)

Faith it till you make itAnd then one day when I was happy to just skip school and go with my mum to a place we visited quite often, everything changed. It was a talk by a spiritual guru (teacher) and before he even said a word, I was in tears. Not that I realised I was crying until much later. It’s not like I was seeing Him for the first time, I wasn’t, nor was I being introduced to this Path for the first time, because I had always known about it, I never had any interest in it… I never had faith.

When you feel something like that, literally an out of this world experience, regardless of what you know or don’t know, you have faith… you believe. Very much blind faith.

(Only now I actually know all about it and it makes the most sense to me ever)

There were quite a few definitions of faith in the book I’m currently reading, (the link will take you to a place you can download the book for free) ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill and the one I liked best was,

“Faith is the basis of all miracles and all mysteries which cannot be analysed by the rules of science”

That is a very spiritual aspect of faith. I think that  faith itself says, it’s blind… it’s the ability to simply believe. Like having faith in the ones you love. Like having faith in yourself. Do you really need a reason for that faith? Or do you simply believe in the ones you love and yourself?

Do you think faith is blind?

Blind Faith




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  1. potatosandwich
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 12:35:02

    Interesting post Shilpa.

    I agree Faith is something that is beyond the realms of Science, is it a feeling in your stomach? a special beat of the heart? a knowing vibe sensed by our brain? Who knows I guess…

    Something to share with you along the lines of your experience with the spiritual teacher…..

    My son attends our local Sikh Gurdwara for tabla lessons – there we met a girl in her teens. She is now a fully baptised Sikh (5K’s), but she told me that before this she was a person treading the wrong path in terms of behaviour and all. She said her mother was one of strong faith in her religion always watched religious programmes on tv, i.e listening to religious hymns. So one day she decided to sit down and listen to these hymns, upon which she started crying. When she asked her mother why she started crying, her mother replied that her inner soul was hungry for the love of God and that the pure Naam (Name) was calling out to her. That was a year ago and now she is a flushering young girl that seems to have a special ambience about her. Being baptised at her age is something quite wonderful seeing that she is battling against all the influences one comes into contact at that vunerable age. Truly amazing! She had faith in something and followed it to the hill, I guess you could say she has blind faith in what she is doing because she believes it will better her life, which it seems has been the case.

    Oh Life. Talking about subjects on life, keep an eye out for my upcoming post on this subject, I am treading new ground.

    Take Care.


    • Shil Rani
      Jan 09, 2012 @ 14:17:48

      You know when I told my mum about how I cried when He had just walked in, she told me that it wasn’t me that cried, it was my soul that feels the separation from Him… so when you say, “inner soul was hungry for the love of God and that the pure Naam (Name) was calling out to her.” I totally get it, Ive felt it… and it still brings tears to my eyes when I think of that moment… which is why my faith is so strong, because that experience was so much further beyond me and this life and anything i could know. To this day, every-time I see Him, I end up crying… but its never like the times I cry when I’m hurt or upset, its different. I don’t have the words to explain it.

      It really is a huge milestone to be baptized at such a young age! Good on her! I cant wait to be old enough to get NaamDaan!

      I have been reading your posts, seems to be very interesting! sorry for the extra long comment! You know me, I always have a lot to say lol…

      Thanks heaps!


  2. eva626
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 17:06:08

    I love the way this post came to be…what an inspiration.

    and answer to the question, I dont think faith is blind…i thought it was when I was younger but then when I started looking for the ‘truth’ of life and existence, everything fell into place…knowledge is power!

    I came to find answers to the questions I was looking for and it made me realize that people should strive for their answers. But there is a limit, like you cant force something to be wrong when everything else points that it is right…im not sure if i got you confused or not, but just my experience.

    Nice blog!


    • Shil Rani
      Jan 09, 2012 @ 14:04:17

      I agree. Knowledge is power. I just don’t think that knowledge can create faith. you can have all the knowledge but it doesn’t mean you believe or have faith… faith comes regardless of what you know… which is why I think faith is blind…

      And yes. People should strive for their answers. I believe that when you strive to search for your answers, faith comes to you. That’s my faith. There is no knowledge out there can say the above. I also think truth is relative, what is true for one person isn’t always true for another…

      Thanks! 🙂


  3. Heena Patel
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 21:54:54

    Love the post and some very interesting comments! Am totally loving the various perspectives!
    Keep up the Fantastic work Shilpa!!! You ROCK!


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