Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had so many ideas and thoughts about blogs and I just haven’t been able to write them… will get down to it all soon! Lol..

I couldn’t go without getting this one out of my head!!

You can heal your lifeI am currently reading (many books-lol) “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. It is kind of like the very basic and simple stuff from what I have already studied but I am finding that it is just so…. “Healing” (yeah, clichéd I know, but no other word seems to suit)

There is one bit that I just had to share:

“The Perfection of Babies

How perfect you were when you were a tiny baby. Babies do not have to do anything to become perfect; they already are perfect, and they act as if they know it. They know that they are the centre of the universe. They are not afraid to ask for what they want. They freely express their emotions. You know when a baby is angry- in fact the whole neighbourhood knows. You also know when babies are happy, for their smiles light up a room. They are full of love.
Tiny babies will die if they do not get love. Once we are older we learn to live without love, but babies will not stand for it. Babies also love every part of their bodies, even their own feces. They have incredible courage.

You were like that. We were all like that. Then we began to listen to adults around us who had learned to be fearful, and we began to deny our own magnificence.”

Baby Perfection

When I read the above I was like OMG! How true!

Anyway- that’s not what my post is about! (How often is that the case lol ;D)


Do you know that in the Hindi language there is no word that equates to “sorry” and when you are apologising for something you are always asking for “Maafi”, ie forgiveness.

I love Hindi, I find it to be a very sweet and emotion-filled language… so when I was thinking of this I found it quite amazing that in English most people will say “sorry”- expressing their regret- or most times- a guilt-like feeling for the mistake they have made… and so often forgiveness isn’t even mentioned. How many people actually forgive the other person when they’ve said sorry?

ForgiveIn Hindi, its “maaf karo”- “forgive me”… Maybe people would find easier to forgive if more people asked for forgiveness instead of simply saying sorry…?

In the book, Louise talks of forgiveness… and I guess it makes healing easier… least it does for me.

You don’t have to forgive. It is at most times a big step to take… especially when you’ve been deeply hurt… And yet, we all need to heal, to live a better life today. Begin with being WILLING to forgive, that will start the healing… forgiveness will come…

The book states that it’s not necessary to just up and forgive someone when you realise that the people they are or the actions they have taken have caused you pain or anger. You just have to be willing to forgive them. That opens the door for forgiveness… and forgiveness will flow.

(Of course it should go without saying that forgiving someone doesn’t mean you agree or condone their behaviour)

“Forgiveness is the key to letting go. Forgiveness isn’t about releasing him or her, it’s about releasing you!” –Unknown

Hugs to all! And forgive me if I have caused any type of negative emotion for you…

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