Day #96 of my 38 Day Challenge!

Celebration!Yes, I actually am keeping track of the days that have passed since my 38 Day challenge, mostly so I can see my progress- for well, without progress I am still where I was before- What would be the point of a life that doesn’t move forward but stays stagnant..?

Any who… there are so many things in my life that have now become a normal part of my life- they are my good habits that have stuck! (Huge cause for celebration!)

And unfortunately….

there are also things that haven’t quite stuck as well as I’d have liked. And instead of doing what I’ve done for years (i.e. berating myself terribly for the things that I want to do but am not) And because I seem to love the idea of a challenge- I am going on another one.

Achiever!On a side note: I think that I love the idea and feelings of challenges because I have it so ingrained in me. All through school it has been a challenge, which I most gladly took on, to be at the top of the class, to get those good grades and do well. To so many people I am brainy- when actually I just work really hard to get what I’m focused on.

It’s like a trick for my crazy mind- put anything into the perspective of CHALLENGE and I’m all for it, wanting to take it on and conquer it all! So before, what didn’t work is trying to get myself to do what I most want to… when I did it in the form of a challenge, then I was motivated and pushed by the sheer stimulation that my mind got from the nuances of every feeling that comes with a challenge! It also feels like I am actually accomplishing something that I’ve been challenged to do- as opposed to just doing it because I can.

So my challenge starts tomorrow- for 2 months this time!

Accountable!I thought I just had to post this because the more people that know, the more people that can hold me accountable to it all! And the more support I can get from the amazing people in my life to accomplish what I am setting out to do!

You know how you operate- what works for you and what doesn’t. Is there something that you are eager to do but haven’t been able to? Maybe think about the times that you were able to achieve things easily- and just reuse that system of thinking that you had about it… When you really know yourself, you know how to best bring out your potential!

Live your Dreams, not just your Life!

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