“Obsession” That tabooed word?! Why?

Defination ObsessionObsessive much?

I am!

By my definition it’s usually something I can’t stop thinking about, my life starts to revolve around the object of my obsession and it does have an effect on the personal decisions (is there any other type?!) I make.

Now while this can be seen as something to be very weary of, as it could be very detrimental (wow is my vocab improving or what?!) if I had to obsess over something really not good for me… Which has happened in the past when I obsessed over my ex like a mad woman and then lived like a zombie when we broke up- almost like the lynch pin that held my life together had been pulled out…


Only I was "Why aren't you obsessed with me too?" lol Conceited much!?

Anywho! I refuse to believe or even consider that MY obsession is NOT in MY control! (see how obsessive I am- I have to have control! lol) That’s just the most ridiculous notion (WRT obsession) that I have ever known of. So if it’s in my control then I can manage to not get so gaga about something that doesn’t depend solely on me… Like relationships that have not turned out the way I want or situations that have gotten a bit pear-shaped… Right?!

I am thinking it IS possible to control the level of obsession I am at… I have pulled myself out of an obsession before it got the point where I cannot function without thinking of the object of my obsession… No. It was not as easy as it is for me to write this. Action speaks louder than words (I know! What a cliche! It’s true, what to do?)  and most times they give away what the real intentions are in people’s hearts… And with people and relationships in every aspect of life, it’s easy to see where people are at- and to stop obsessing about whether someone is going to do something different or not. It opens up the door way to doing what you really want to and to create the situation you want… or to just let it go and flow with what else life has in store… Its big huge super-market!

Good obsessionSo 6 years later I’m getting a hold on my obsessiveness! I actually think that being obsessive is a good thing if channeled toward a higher purpose… Like following your dream…

That’s what I’m trying to do now- to channel my obsession toward my dream so that it becomes all I think about and it effects every decision I make- I totally think it will get me closer and closer to my dream faster and faster! Single-minded focus and purpose!

To ALL my amazing blogger friends! I haven’t read any blogs recently nor have I blogged  much either! I am missing it all dearly and will be around more, soon! HUGS!!!

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. potatosandwich
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 12:29:03

    Hey there Shilpa,

    Firstly how are you? Long time? Sorry I haven’t been around much myself, still recovering from my trip to India, it was an eye-opener.

    In my view, there’s nothing wrong with a little obsession, so as long as it doesn’t result in one catching the morning headlines in the papers. However, I do think that be obsessed (now are there different levels of obsession?) can take your focus off things and people around you. I would say being “determined” about your dream is probably better then being “obsessed”. Why? Sometimes obsession can lead us to behave in a manner that is “out of our character” and more often then not has a negative ending. I can’t say I have ever been obsessed with anything (excluding my obsession with the latest video games when I was young), this is probably because I hit a wall of practicality each time an urge within me starts to build.

    What does it feel like to be obsessed about something then?



  2. Heena Patel
    Feb 25, 2012 @ 00:58:25

    Heya!! I agree with potatosandwich…. “determined” to make your dream a reality and successful is a much more positive spin then being “obsessed”!
    Your first picture above says it all! “A compulsive interest or preoccupation, seemingly beyond one’s will to control” You want to have control and I know you do! You are creating your outcome and not leaving it to another’s will to make it happen for you…. Obsession creates a neediness of it happening or working out etc – and operating from a place of it not having it. Sort of like “away from” motivation. Determination on the other hand, is working towards…. A more positive perspective. And I know that you are determined, and NOT obsessed
    When you obsessed, you will do anything to make it happen… even if that means stepping on toes, hurting people etc… because the obsession is driving you!
    Determination allows you to evaluate and work with integrity and ecology, obsession does not!
    I guess there is a fine line between the two, and as a side note…. your words, the vocabulary you use, does make a difference to the pictures you create in your mind and the feelings evoked in your body!
    I hope I am making sense…


  3. Yatin
    Feb 26, 2012 @ 17:41:03

    Following a dream is an obsession worth harboring even at the cost of being tagged taboo.
    Feb. has been a busy month so far & have been slacking on blog myself too. 🙂


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