Unseeing the seen…

What is Love?I’ve shared some thoughts before about this in Love… It has its own language!Love…?…! ; Puzzles pieces… All found!Unreciprocated Like…Humpty Dumpty Heart… and I’ve been tackling the meaning of Love. Mostly it’s been an attempt to know, feel and experience the meaning of the world of emotion that seems to be contained in that one word… LOVE.

So while I don’t think I have a singled out an answer to what it means, I think that for many people it is experienced in many different ways and hence has different meanings… I think I’ve realized something along the way, that I had been taking for granted, or not really seeing and recognizing… (And I think many people don’t really realize this either)

The time we start questioning the meaning of LOVE, it is usually when we are wondering about our feelings toward someone…

Is it real or not?“Is it love? Is it infatuation? Is it that he/she is a great friend and that’s really all? Is there more there? How do you know you’re in love? How am I meant to know what this is, if anything” etc etc etc…

We (I) tend to get so curious with all the possible answers to the questions above that we don’t see what is already in front of us…

A close friend recently told a guy that she likes, how she feels about him… Not with the intention to have a relationship straight out, or to know if its love, or anything else. It was just an expression of feeling to know if there was this likeness on the other side too… to know if they were both heading in the same direction with regards to each other.

I like youBeing female, it’s always seems like we should never be the ones taking the first step… It’s the guys job to lead the relationship to more than just friendship, if that is what he desires. But guys cant take hints. Feels like they never give hints. And so we (the women) are left wondering what is going on in their minds, if anything.

“Women are shy and conservative. Feminine. When they start to express what’s in their hearts straight out, they are thought of as forward, loose. Too ‘out there’ to still have morals.”

Or so the world we live in programs girls to think.

The problem I have with that is it leaves women on the effect side of every possible relationship. Meaning that if anything is going to happen between two friends it’s only going to happen if and when the guy decides. It leaves women feeling like they are helpless. (And if there is anything I don’t like, it would be that I cannot shape my life the way I most want to)

How does this take into consideration what the women feel? And if a woman wants more she should wait it out?

Like you? Not really.When a woman can stand in her own personal power and ask for what she wants, she begins to create the life she most wants (The same applies to men too- don’t get me wrong, I’m not meaning to be sexist- I’m merely trying put across the thought that woman shouldn’t be thought of in any negative way just because they don’t want to wait a long period of time for a guy to make the first move- I don’t think it should be just a leap year thing)

Anywho! My realization!
We (I) tend to get so curious with all the possible answers to the questions above that we don’t see what is already in front of us…

That we LIKE someone.

#blushWho knows if its love or not? Who knows if it will lead to anything more? We like this someone. And that is the starting point of anything that could possibly happen or not. Like my friend, people should explore this likeness… and maybe that’s how to reach the meaning, feeling and experience of love or what it is not. The exploration of this “likeness” to know what’s there, and if it is love or not.


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  1. Sapna
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 13:24:48

    Awww you made me all teary!

    Through it all I realised, I must open my heart if I want to feel love! No words can bring back what you believe was taken from you or fix what you believe to be broken in your heart. No matter what is said, or how it is said, words cannot heal or open a heart that has been closed by pain. When your heart has been closed in anger or fear, only the power of love can open it.

    We attract the people who will cause us to take a deeper look at ourselves. The people we are attracted to and who are attracted to us are the ones who volunteer to help us heal our unseen wounds. When some one evokes a negative response in you, they are helping you heal 🙂

    Love is
    Learning from the Opportunity through the
    Vastness of Enlightenment.

    A good friend told me that we are not rejected, but people’s outlooks differ from ours 😉 . Unique like that 😀 lol.


  2. Yatish
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 13:26:16

    WOW!!! What an amazing read yaar! Bigger fan (of your blog and love 🙂 ) Sapna – love your ‘When your heart has been closed in anger or fear, only the power of love can open it.’ line! That is why love, good, positivity, … overcomes and rules! Shoo what more can i say?!? LOL your good friend is indeed a good friend!!! 😀


  3. potatosandwich
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 13:54:29

    Hey there Shilpa,

    Interesting post, does not all LOVE start with infatuation? A sort of attraction? I don’t believe in ‘love @ first sight’ – that’s all in those Bollywood movies!

    It’s a catch22 situation, express your feelings to someone you know, get turned down and the friendship is a little awkward, however nothing that can’t be forgotten over time. In my view, if you have feelings for someone, tell them, don’t wait otherwise you may miss the chance. Is LOVE not worth taking that risk because you never know.

    LOVE is great at all times of your relationship…the beginning > that anticipation, jump heart racing each time you meet that growing feeling of stability, that maturity, noticing those little things, that smile across a busy room, you knowing I knowing something that the whole world doesn’t.

    In one of my “top5” movies, there is a nice song with a nice line

    “Love is not about the trade of the body, it’s about the worship of the heart”.


    • Shilpa
      Mar 19, 2012 @ 14:05:27


      I don’t know?! Does all love start like that? I guess that’s why I have been asking these questions..
      Too true… things could end up awkward and yes, time does change that- Its happened to me before, and we’re still really good friends today!
      Totally! Love is worth that risk and every other risk people take- life is about taking a risk and learning from it regardless of the outcome..

      WOW! What movie is that? What song is that? Its beautiful!


  4. potatosandwich
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 15:58:06

    Sorry I forgot to mention, there are elements of the movie itself which were way ahead of it’s time. i.e. Dimple K showing off her legs at almost every scene, Anil Kapoor struggling to keep his hands off her and being very raunchy, a song with girls dressed in suspenders and an English song.

    Barring all that, I do really like the movie…


    • Shilpa
      Apr 04, 2012 @ 14:25:08

      I actually watched bits and pieces of the movie the other day.. It really was way ahead of time! Guess maybe “Bollywood” had to start somewhere, lol…

      I will watch the full movie and tell you my thoughts on it then…


  5. potatosandwich
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 16:41:29

    “I am afraid” you have been tagged, follow the link to complete your “dare” *ha ha*



  6. Poetry
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 15:16:39

    Very great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!


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