Ok- so Skilpi is deserved… A little.

Slow AhaSometimes we understand or realize the meaning of events long after they have happened… I think for me, this happens when I’m feeling the emotions of gratitude, love and abundance, that my mind sort of has a bunch of “aha’s” and I’m left with a whole new bunch of learning’s and even more of that grateful love and abundance emotion…

Last week transpired such an event…

In popped the memory of a late night drive home with a bunch of friends and a sweet grandmother- yes kind of a strange bunch for a late night, we’re crazy, regardless of age, what can I say? Lol

UnresolvednessWith the flash of the memory’s image, came the feeling of discomfort and unresolvedness (For the lack of a better adjective). Four friends with a gran that doesn’t understand English very well (My guess is she understands but not well enough to keep up with the speediness of our fluency) on a late night after some awesome partying and fun…

Does the fun ever end with the party? Lol

The ride home was filled with jokes- mostly made by one friend, while two of us roared with laughter and one drove in almost complete silence. Guess I wouldn’t Flower & Thornhave thought the silence strange, if his gran wasn’t there. The thorn in this lively bunch was that the jokes were not the family type jokes you- as a young adult- would ever say in front of your parents, let alone your grandparents. Sure, this Gran didn’t understand much, but it was still seriously disrespectful. The jokes were funny, and so I laughed- and within minutes I had a headache. (Headache from laughter?! Could I get any stranger?! LOL)  Which I brushed off as it being the result of the late night…

Until this memory popped in and gave me a lesson I would do well to learn.

When something is disrespectful, it’s disrespectful. You don’t shut your mouth about it and play along as though all is well in the world. I cannot believe that I hadn’t seen this sooner!

That each and every time something happens that goes against my own values, my mind has a fight with me and when I ignore it, my whole being puts up a resistance in an effort to stop me. Can anyone be so blind to such a vivid blow to the head?

TactlessAnd now I’m putting myself down, which most people (me) would do, and that doesn’t help anything. The idea is to learn the lesson and strive to listen and act the next time any such happens.

Some people are just tactless, I have no idea to help that, but I do know that I can make a difference by making them aware of what their actions/words are really doing. Surely once a person is aware they will be more tactful in the future.

opinion(The issue I had was not that a friend may have felt seriously bad- I get that, and I would’ve felt the same- the issue I had was that regardless of whether someone understands the language you speak or not- you do not disrespect them beyond the boundary of language. And in this case, age too. If there is something you cannot say in a language everyone present can understand, it is not worth saying. #MyOpinion )

Tortoise<Skilpi- in the title… Lol.. Its the shortened version of “skilpad” which is afrikaans for tortoise. In high school it was a nickname. I hated it. And I think they only called me that cos I reacted so much to it. Title of this post cos i was a bit slow in getting what every other part of me already got lol>



(Pics Courtesy of: Pic 1- blog.jessicamalnik.com ; Pic 2- supermarketthq.com ; Pic 3- 123rf.com ; Pic 4- curiousdragon.blogspot.com ; Pic 5- atheistcartoons.tumblr.com ; Pic 6-  tytangroup.com )


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