Frozen Moments… (2)

[Ive found that I cant post my huge thoughts as often as I’d like- though I still have all my creative juices flowing… So Ive decided to do short posts of  “Frozen Moments” of all types of emotions- at the moment its been emotions around relationships, love, and the beginning of something new. I am also writing this with future plans to include some of them into my book…]

Whole With Another…

Its the illusion… This absence of wholeness that draws more and more enriching life with the desire to finally attain that wholeness…
Its the seeming absence that craves you… For somehow your presence diminishes the absence…
Leaving in its wake the only real feeling anyone wants…

Well being… Happiness… Love…


Diminish the absence forever so I may be whole with you…

Whole- Yin Yang


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