Womens Secret…?!

Retail Therapy!I’m a female that has never really done the whole “retail therapy”, “shop like a crazy women when feeling negative emotions” thing… So maybe it might be a bit strange that I’m about to reveal why I think women like shopping so much when they are feeling down and out…

LackBecause I’ve done a bit of personal development and I’ve developed a sense of awareness of just how I’m feeling and what has triggered such an emotion in me, I knew I was feeling “LACK” yesterday. And what I mean by that is, I was feeling like time is limited, love is non-existent, my dreams are just not happening, nothing is moving and people around me are losing their belief, faith and support for me…

Abundance!I know all the above is ridiculous in terms of the bigger picture and that in actual fact I have so much of “ABUNDANCE” around me that I’m pretending is not really there. (‘Cause I know people won’t ever lose their faith and support of me because of the love they have for me, things are really moving, my dreams actually are happening, love is all around me and the time I have is unlimited if only I tap into its power…)

Knowing and feeling, however, is two different things…

Dress up! Show up!Despite how I felt, I got out of bed, got all dolled up and went out…

And for the first time, I went shopping like a mad thing!

I was out and about, watching people spend heaps of money and spending quite a bit myself too- more than the usual… and when I got home I was feeling so awesome! I was literally thinking,

“Now I know why women like to shop so much!”

When people feel down and upset it is usually because they are feeling the “LACK” of something- (Lack of self-confidence, love, control, variety, choice, etc, etc) and when you shop and spend money you get back to the feeling space of “ABUNDANCE” because you are spending money (Unconsciously saying you have more than enough to go wild with), you are seeing others spend money(there is abundance around you), you are most often spoiling yourself or the ones you love (good feelings for yourself and others always increases the feelings of abundance)…

And that’s why its retail therapy… it brings you back to that good feeling space that gives you a bubbles of energy and makes the world seem all awesome again! You’re invincible! Your problems are going down!!!

Now whether this is a good way, to bring oneself back to the feeling of abundance, or a bad way, is debatable… To make more money, you gotta first feel that you already have that money- this is an awesome way to do it! To stay out of debt and to find more constructive ways of feeling good would be advisable too…

Each case has its pros and cons…

UnderstandingI just wanted to create a little more understanding for the men out there- who cannot understand what is going on when women just need to shop…- They are feeling lack of something- if you don’t want them to shop, try to get rid of the lack… Or join in any create your own feelings of abundance too!

To my guy blogger friends- what do you guys do when you need to get back to feeling good? Why does sport seem to do it for most men? What creates that feeling of abundance again?


(Pics Courtesy: Pic 1- blueq-blog.com ; Pic 2- threadbombing.com ; Pic 3- change-your-world.com ; Pic 4- Mine ; Pic 5- actstraining.com )


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