Old people have some of the best stories!

up top a scaffoldingHave you ever worked from the top of a scaffolding?

It’s interesting! And if you’re not too afraid of heights its quite fun too! And if you get to be pushed around while still on top of one, it’s awesome! Everything looks different, and once you step off one, you feel quite short- well I felt short anyway! Lol

At the center where I do seva (Volunteer work) on Saturdays, we’ve been painting the ceiling…

It’s the first I’ve ever worked on a scaffolding- so has been quite an experience for me!

Anywho! This weekend while we were painting, one of the older volunteers was below, talking to us… sharing some stories… It was like while doing seva, I was listening to a wisdom-filled discourse too!

King and MysticHe shared a story of a king, whose land had suffered a drought and all his people decided to have a prayer- to pray for rain and hence sustenance for the coming years. The king had asked one of the known mystics to come for the prayer too.

The mystic didn’t believe in any outer rituals and such, though was preparing to go anyway, when his wife asked why he was going… He said that there was no harm in going, so he went.

When his daughter reached home and asked where her father was, her mother told her that he had gone to the prayer being held to bring the rains… And so she too decided to go.

She took an umbrella with her.

Rain!When the rains had come, the mystic said that,

“This rain comes not because you pray for it, but because of the belief and faith of the only one that had prepared for it. It is her belief and faith that brings the rain”

Indeed, we all say we have faith and believe in this that and the other, yet how strong is our belief and faith? Or rather how true is it?

True to the extent that you already behave as if all is as you wish to experience it?

“Whether you believe there is a snake at your feet or there really is a snake at your feet- you react the same…”

Belief can free you or bind youBeliefs shape our world and brings to us the evidence of that belief… making it stronger. Which is why people who believe so deeply in ghosts will see them… And to everyone else who doesn’t believe, wont.

When one realises the power of belief, one can take charge of their future with stronger conviction…

Belief and Faith. Can make your life a heaven on earth or a hell of burning fires… Choice, as always, is yours.


(Pics courtesy: Pic 1- Mine; Pic 2- photograpersdirect.com ; Pic 3- meredithinbrasilia.blogspot.com ; Pic 4- px2.co.za )


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  1. potatosandwich
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 22:40:02

    Totally agree Shilpa, one has to believe in order to creative and personal positive energy that will unlock our thoughts and help us become one with the True God. Even for those who don’t have a religious belief, having firm belief and faith helps you each and every day in your life. “Stay positive I say”!


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