Love Personified. Mom.

I wanted my 100th post to be a special one… It is.

MumWhen the world got to know of my soon coming into it, I wasn’t exactly perceived as a bundle of joy… My mum was in her 40’s and about to get my oldest sister married. (I’ve never known my eldest sister as an unmarried woman) Society gave my mum a tough time because she was old enough to begin hoping for grandchildren in the near future…

She lived though it all… For me.

Guess God had a plan for us and I had to have been born when I was.

I won’t say my mum is thee best mum in the world… Though it is without a doubt that she is my world!

Mum and ILike many people, she hasn’t had an easy life- though it has molded her to be the exact person I needed to make my journey through life. Through all the things that make me love her and get irritated with her, I’ve learned something about who I am and the secrets of what life and unconditional love is.

She constantly amazes me with her wisdom… What has taken me months and years to really grasp, she already knows and can shed even more light on it…

Often her words get all jumbled- ‘ATM’ is ‘MTN’ and the ‘internet’ is ‘Mnet’… ‘Expo’ is ‘explore’ and every child hardly gets called by their own name…

And still there isn’t a thing I would change about her…

Most people blame their parents for the crap in their lives… I blame my mum for all the happiness and wonder in my life…

FamilyThis year… I’m so grateful to have my mum and also to have been born when I was… If I hadn’t been, she’d be going through her old age alone… And still battling her tough life alone.

God knew what he was doing when he sent my mum me late in life… He knew what circumstance she’d be in and he knew his angel would need someone…

If I do nothing else in my life but love my mum and be the support she needs.. I will have lived a life worth a thousand lives of material success.

If my life means anything to me, it is because this life brought me to her… Because this life made me her daughter…

I’ll never have the words to say what my heart and God above knows…

Happy Mothers Day to all mums out there!




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  1. Heena Patel
    Mar 24, 2015 @ 07:03:43

    WOW! this is such a special post… brought a tear to my eyes. So very touching and beautiful and oh so true ❤
    She is the bestest Mum in the world for me! My rock and yes, full of wisdom, love and kindness ❤ ❤ ❤


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