Humpty Dumpty Attempts…

Near that high wall
It has been for years
Healing silently in the dark depths
Curious and cautious about coming into the light
Lest another tragedy happen…

Humpty Dumpty heart is together again
Growing in courage, strength and understanding
Back up to sit on the wall, in the dark
Willing to be caught this time when falling in love

A leap of faith is its next risk
Just a little more confidence…
Just a little more confidence…

Moving toward the light
Ever so slowly

Tragedy strikes
Across the heart
Deep and bleeding


Leap of faith?
Falling in love?

Even further into the darkness
Coiling into not only the depth that never offers any emotion
But also into the abyss that is omnipresent within

Should anyone now want entry
All the luck in ever finding the heavy door
Or its lost key…

Humpty Dumpty couldn’t be put together again.

Humpty Dumpty Heart


This blog was interesting- Humpty Dumpty Heart

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