Your gut said something?!

This seems to be like my “come back” post seeing as I haven’t really written long posts in a while… Do enjoy! (It got quite lengthy)

It’s been a while since this incident happened though, of course I haven’t lost my desire to write about it! ;>

Job interviewI went for a job interview- its a start up business and so at that moment the only people in their office were the 3 partners. All guys. I spent most part of the day there with them. (I didn’t get the job, it didn’t effect me hugely- everything happens for the best)

That same day I got a message from a women that I know (she follows the same spiritual path that I am on and she is friends with my sister… Though my sister told me that they had done some dodgy business and so they aren’t exactly integrity valuing people…) So when I got this message I kind of had my guard up- like what do you want from me? Do I really want to associate myself with you?

Spiritual PathHer message was to ask if we could meet cos she was in the city (jo’burg) for a few days.. Even after I told her that I was at an office park for the day, she didn’t mind meeting at the office park and asked for the address.

I got a bit freaked because someone I’ve never really had any real interaction with suddenly wants to meet me and it doesn’t seem to matter where I am..

Amazingly I felt safer with 3 guys I knew nothing about then I did with the thought of meeting someone who is a friend of my sisters and is spiritually inclined the way I am.

Ignorance about people and their values paints a whole different picture then when you know people. (though I have to say that when I had met them with my sister the first time, I didn’t like the feeling I had when I met them)

So long story short she wanted to sell me a MLM strategy promoting health products.

MLMNow if I didn’t know about MLM I would have been blown away by the potential it represents to generate income on the side… Because I know about from my sister, I know that it appears to be passive but it really isn’t. You have got to find clients and do heaps of promoting of the product before people will gain confidence in the products and you. I don’t have that kind of time- or rather that isn’t priority for me. I’m not into health products- I’m not passionate about it… Yes I like being healthy and fit and I’d be the first to change what I eat if there are health benefits to it, but to sell it all day, every day until I can get other people as members so it becomes a stream of passive income… That is not my thing. Id die of boredom. and maybe before that I’d lose all motivation.

So all in all I am quite well aware of what I want in life and the direction I want to take. This all gave me clarity. There are many many roads and pathways to a single destination or dream… But in the eagerness to reach that place one shouldn’t lose sight of the actual destination…

IntuitionAnywho- what most amazed me about it all was two main things, namely… 1. I trust in the goodness of people before I know much about them, I felt safer with 3 guys I didn’t even know…ย  and when I know a bit more about their values it effects the way I interact with them… And more than this- I had a strange feeling toward them from the first time I met them… Intuition is not something one should ever ignore!

(I’d like to add here that the products they sell had me interested… I bought it. Saw that they were capsules. I’m vegetarian (a vow of the path we follow) capsules are made of gelatin. I told them this thinking they didn’t know as they follow the same path. They already knew.) (yes, the shock!)

2. When life teaches, we should learn as you never know when it may come to use. If I had never learnt about my sisters experiences with MLM I would have totally went into this thinking it was easy to build up and make money…

Life is best lived with awareness in the present moment! The moment of power!

Have a FAB weekend! Live in the moment! You never know what life is trying to give you!



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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heena Patel
    Jul 26, 2012 @ 03:06:40

    WOW! Just read this now….amazing! Yes, we are so programmed to NOT use our intuition/ gut feeling and literally suffer from analysis paralysis…. and the irony is that it is only our intuition that will guide us in the right direction and reveal the truth for us! Great blog!


  2. ibelivetoday
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 11:26:40

    Hi there!!

    You’ve got an amazing blog Shilpa & I super loved this post!!

    Having that kinda self awareness n knowing that, what looks like an awesome opportunity to someone else, may be something that can kill me in boredom, is very rare. Even after knowing about it, not allowing that overwhelming potential associated with that opportunity to rock you, is really tough sometimes.

    Always being in alignment with our true self is kinda tough but very very empowering ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚



    • Shilpa
      Aug 06, 2012 @ 19:15:00

      Thank you so much!
      It is tough sometimes to not be rocked and swayed by the things that come your way… i guess Im just learning to listen more to my intuition…
      And it is indeed very empowering!


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