Finding Inner Balance… A mindset.

neglectOk… So the past few months I have neglected my precious blog, all my angelic readers and my creative passion for writing… I don’t have any excuse that could come close to valid and I shall leave it at that. Please do forgive me…

Many of my mentors and trainers that I have had in my life, all have a major thought pattern in common:

“Follow your dreams no matter what! There will always be obstacles and challenges along the way, you have the ability to overcome them. Don’t let circumstance stop you. Design your destiny and take inspired action!”

I am of the same major thought pattern. Life is meant to be more then the mediocre monotonous cycle of the same thing every day. I totally believe that! Mostly because (Being a very logical person) if things makes sense to me, I go with it. History shows the many many people that have overcome the hugest obstacles and craziest circumstance to live the dream everyone said was impossible.

ObstaclesNelson Mandela & Mahatma Gandhi had to overcome oppression and racism.
Oprah Winfrey had to overcome abuse and poverty.
Richard Branson had to overcome dyslexia.
Nick Vujic had to overcome having no limbs.
Nik Halik had to overcome a series of medical problems that had confined him to his room.
& the list goes on!

It is because of people like Mandela and Oprah that the obstacles and challenges people face today is of a much less severity then the ones they have faced. Not only did they make their own dreams happen but they also changed the world’s perception on various topics- including things that are seemingly impossible!

I am so so unbelievably grateful that the obstacles and challenges I face are nothing like the ones they have had to face.

realise...I guess it just took me a long while to really realize that these obstacles come in many forms… So even though I know that there will be obstacles and challenges along the way to making my own dream happen, let’s just say I avoided and resisted the biggest things that life threw in my path- I cried at the unjustness of circumstance, I felt defeated by the compassionless attitude of people, I shattered at the unexpected lack of support and the biggest obstacle of all- Myself!- seemed to take forever to get past.

It has taken quite a while to realise that these were the obstacles my mentors were talking about… I didn’t see them as obstacles or challenges. I saw it as life. I saw it as things I could do nothing about. And in truth maybe I can’t really do anything about the circumstance, the attitude of people and the lack of support. What I can do is change how I react to it all. My attitude toward it all.

I’m fortunate to not have to overcome racism or abuse or any such thing. Though I can tell you, what I do have to overcome feels as huge as what everyone else has already overcome.

StruggleWhile I was struggling to find myself amongst all the things that stood up against me making my dreams and goals come true, it took me a while to get out of the attitude of defeat and hopelessness. I constantly felt like if all these situations don’t change, I can’t do what I most want to… When in truth all that really needed to change was the way I perceived every crappy thing in my life. (Yes, it was more than one thing)

When I tried to change circumstance and nothing would change I realised that I just had to live with things the way they are (happens often in life hey…) And that’s when it clicked in my head that these are the challenges and obstacles in my path and I have to succeed regardless of it all. It’s my character building; it’s the stuff that will shape me into the person that achieves success… the person that I most want to be in essence not just in speech and knowledge.

Let GoThat is somehow helping me to let go of stuff… (my previous post- Run away)

We’ll see where life takes me from here…

Through it all, one thing is for sure- Life is the biggest adventure of all, it’s an adventure filled with many more adventures…

Here’s to finding my centre grounding space in all the chaos of my mind…!




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