Frozen Moments… (33)

[I’ve found that I can’t post my huge thoughts as often as I’d like- though I still have all my creative juices flowing… So I’ve decided to do short posts of  “Frozen Moments” of all types of emotions- at the moment its been emotions around relationships, love, and the beginning of something new. I am also writing this with future plans to include some of them into my book…]

How I laughed when I read this one before I posted it! Feels like it was written when I was on another planet… 

Love Sick?!

I’m a love sick puppy…

Being distant hurts.
Being close hurts even more…

I’ve lost myself in the desire for your love,
To have this friendship-Although I love it,
Pinches at my heart

All I really want to do is treasure you
With the depth of love…

Not- long from a distance,
the closeness that is only yours to give…

And the day will come when our fates will be decided…

Either we be together,
Or my heart breaks when
The one that will be your everything steps in to be all that I want to be…

I pray I am to you what you are to me..
I pray…

Love Sick


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