It Is Revealed!

A couple of weeks ago I re-read an old blog of mine titled unseeing the seen… and it has lent the courage to solve a dilemma going on in my head and heart for a while…

I like this really cute and sweet guy- and he is a fabulous friend. By revealing how I really felt, I was afraid that I would bring awkwardness and strangeness into a friendship that flows like a river, if he didn’t feel the same.

DilemmaAnd after I read my past post, I decided that by the end of that week I’d ask the burning question in my head, as to whether he liked me more than just a friend or not… If he was in any way feeling an inkling of what I was feeling. And I popped the question! (LMAO!)

What I had realised after I had asked, is that I didn’t need courage for it at all… Because it wasn’t my emotions that were coming out into the light… I was asking someone else about their feelings… I was asking him to be honest about feelings that, if he had them, he hadn’t expressed them until then.

I “held my breath” waiting for a reply…
And when he said he did indeed feel this potential relationship between us, I was like in seventh heaven all day…
And only in the evening did I tell him I had felt the same way.

tell me...He was “holding his breath” all day…

And that’s when I realised that there is a strange power in the search for truth- especially the truth of someone elses feelings…

So often we feel so vulnerable to actually talk about how we feel, because it means we have to open up ourselves and allow what we feel deep down to be seen, and at the same time giving the other person the power to choose to accept what is there or to say that it doesn’t fit with who they are…

VulnerableAnd in those moments we often forget that when we are opening all our vulnerable spaces, they too are being requested to do the same- they too are opening themselves up and giving you the power to choose.

Too many times we just don’t talk about how we feel… Until there comes a point that feels too late. When more often than not, just asking a simple question or stating something you feel opens up the door way to a deeper trust and experience of relationship. And if nothing more, you will always get to know what feelings are really there, if any…

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