So here’s something Interesting…

The SecretAfter ‘The Secret’ became known and the Law of Attraction (LOA) was a subject everyone was talking about- which was either too ‘Woo Woo’ to be real or it was now a new way of living… It created waves.

I watched the DVD, and not even the full duration of it. I haven’t till date read the book. After I watched part of the DVD I got bored and I didn’t believe it much… total skeptic!

Law of AttractionI mean after all how much sense does it make to say that if you just think about what you want you will attract the manifestation of it into your life… Like really? A thought can make things in my life change..?? It begs the question- are not all people in poverty thinking about lives of abundance? And how is it that they would rather think of poverty than of abundance? — it only makes sense to think of good and better things, right?

And after that it (LOA) was forgotten and I took my life as it came at me with no specific goals or intension in mind… Or rather my goals were the same as most- do well at school, get a degree, work, earn lots of money, build a family and travel at least once a year…

Life changesI ended up hating what I was studying and went to Australia for a gap year. It changed my life. (Yes, clichéd- gap years hardly ever don’t change a life)

My life now revolves around the LOA and there isn’t a greater truth for the way I live my life than that. Strange? Yes. And no.

Castles in the airThere have been times when I’ve thought to myself, “please who the hell are you kidding?, think happy thoughts and the things you most want in life will manifest..??? Have you lost your marbles?”

And in those moments I often end up with the thought that, at least with all these “woo woo” thoughts I’m happier. I feel like I’m headed somewhere and everything that I am doing is taking me where I want to be… and the journey itself is awesome! I feel like my life has purpose, vision and it is already fulfilling me… even if the LOA isn’t real…

While in Australia, I went for a personal development program and we were encouraged to detail out what we DO want instead of focusing on what we have, or have been getting, and why we DONT want that. This also included life partners amongst other aspects of life.

Yes. I did detail out what I would love to see and experience in a love relationship and in a life partner. Most of my details were personality orientated and emotional.

Details of a dreamI’ve found what I’ve been looking for. Not just by thought.
Listing out what I wanted made me look deeper inside of me. It also made me realize that at the time, I didn’t feel worthy of all I was asking for. I had to align myself to my thoughts and desires. It took me 3 years to get over all my “stuff” and really allow what I had really wanted to manifest for me.

And that’s the crux that I don’t think most people get.

LOA: Focus on what you want, think about it, create visions of yourself having the manifestation of whatever it is.
CRUX: Look inside yourself for all the barriers you have that keep what you want out. Get over your “stuff’. Allow your desires in.

bumpy roadIt isn’t easy, and it’s usually a bumpy road with many highs and equally as many lows.

The journey makes you so much more and from the destination starts a whole new journey of experiencing exactly what you wanted… And sometimes that too is unbelievable…!

I’ve got my evidence that the LOA works- and honestly it’s more taking the reigns and creating your life, than it is counting on some airy fairy law… And I got my evidence because I was out looking for it.

Challenge yourself to see if it works… just remember that the possibility for the manifestation of all you desire, doesn’t really end until you die….

Live your dreams, not just your life!

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