Does a Caterpillar die when it turns into a Butterfly?

It’s been a long (really long) while since I have stepped into the world of blogs. I haven’t blogged much nor have I read much from some of my favorite bloggers… I am so happy to be back here, expressing the mess in my head and sharing everything that has come to play since my last blog.

For now- just a story of sorts for someone special. I hope it conveys my message.
I totally love this song! Please do listen…

So the story goes…
Glutton ParadiseImagine a family of fat fat caterpillars (yes. We all know how strange I am. If not, welcome.) – having the time of their life, surrounded by so many trees that they are spoiled for choice! They spend each day eating a different type of leaf… sampling the world of food that makes them high on sweet pleasure of abundance and choice.

Everyone in this family lives well. They all love each other. They all support each other and they are all happy. An ideal family unit in harmony.

Here is where the story of Priroda really starts. Eating the most amazing food didn’t feel like the “be all and end all” of Priroda’s life. She believed that there has to be more. More to life than just trees and leaves. There has got to be something beyond everything that is seen now. And if there wasn’t, there is most definitely something that Priroda wanted to create for her life. She needed a depth she couldn’t find. Yet.

Be YOUAnd slowly slowy she began to spend more time alone, trying to figure out her life, the meaning of it and if there really was more. No one in her family understood this. They became hurtful. They missed the person she was. They missed that she was no longer having as much fun as they were. They all couldn’t understand her need/want to change anything in her life, or in theirs. They were all comfortable and happy. Soon Priroda’s family started to ask for the “old” Prirorda to come back, to enjoy the bliss of everyday with them.

The heartbreaking detail for Priroda was that they couldn’t see how happy this journey inside was making her. No one in her family tried to see what she saw.

The day came when she totally went into her own cocoon. She went through the biggest transformation ever. The most natural kind.

The skies were now open to her, she could soar higher and she now really could see that there really is more to life. Priroda now truly felt like Priroda. She found her identity that is not dependant on her family- it is just her.

Never lose SpiritHappy, excited and full of enthusiasm to share this with her family, so that they could also have a transformation that will bring so much more to their lives, she went soaring to them…

None in her family even acknowledged her beauty. Or her growth. They didn’t want to see her. They all wanted the old Priroda back. They felt hurt by her transformation and this made them lash out even more.

Priroda soon found others like her, who embraced who they were and never spent a day denying themselves the freedom to just be themselves.


Live your Dreams, not just your Life!


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