Afraid of commitment? -To yourself!

Have a life!

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I’ve recently found out something about myself really strange yet so obvious. Strange because up until recently I didn’t realise it was so much of how I am, and obvious because- well it’s obvious (duh) from everything I do and the person I have choosen to be on some level…

When I am in some way being of service to others (whether for work or as a volunteer) I have the ability to “go the distance”- to have an enormous store of energy, to do what is needed, to find solutions, to push myself to deliver value… even to wake up early in the morning happily!

Me, Myself and I

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Yet when it comes to doing some kind of “service” for myself- like meditating, exercising, reading, even just painting my nails- I tend to put it off. I tend to make a range of excuses to put if off for another time… Like I’m too tired now, or it can wait, or more often than not, I just roll over in bed and dream about a life I want to live… (And eventually I’m asleep again). When I am the only one benefitting, I become slack in making it happen…

And “how you do one thing is how you do everything!” The biggest barrier to my own dreams is me.


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It is not like I don’t want to do these things for myself- I really do! I know how much it will make me feel better and still I haven’t been able to get myself out of bed for these things…

Recently I had applied to an organization and one of the requirements was to have read 6 books before the application could even be considered. I had 1 week. I read the 5 books I needed to read in the one week. (The 6th one I had read a long time ago) –My point: I am capable of doing amazingly crazy things for myself.

Make it happen

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I realized what type of commitment is required to make your dreams happen- the commitment all personal development gurus talk about- and honestly, it is like being on such a high after having accomplished what seemed impossible on some level… and it’s so thrilling!

The best coach out there

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It’s the stuff I could get addicted to!

I’ve also realized the value of a coach! The person who helps you set the goals and then holds you accountable to them. However that too requires an enormous commitment to your coach- to do as he/she says, to be truthful to your coach and to be willing to look all your stuff in the face and face it!


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Because it is only after facing it can you say, “you’re super ugly, get out of my life, I deserve to live a much better life!”.

Now that there is this awareness- here’s to developing my “commitment-to-me” muscle!

Life is always teaching you something- if you’re not wide awake for the lesson, life will jolt you awake…

Live your dreams, not just your life!

Commitment challenge

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  1. AverageSouthAfrican
    Sep 25, 2013 @ 16:44:14

    True. Love it 🙂


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