Perception Shifts

I am now studying again. Bachelor of Arts, Psychology through open distance learning. Part of one of the modules I am studying is to introduce yourself in a discussion forum and then to write a blog about what you’ve learnt from reading other peoples introductions. I am blogging again! Here is my first entry! I am so excited about starting to studying again.

I am new to distance learning and its been a while since I have actually studied anything. Deciding to study this year was actually a leap for me and I after reading the discussions I’m really glad that this is what I am doing.

As I read the discussions there were so many perception shifts happening for me.

Age really has nothing to do with what you are capable of. I think quite often I’ve felt like I have wasted some of the years of my life and that starting to study now is so pointless- like what am I trying to prove? Who am I try to be? Yet as I read about everyone sharing this new module with me, I realized that actually, learning and studying is always something that you should do.

Learning a language is not an impossible task. I’ve wanted to learn so many languages at different times in my life and each time I thought it to be quite impossible to learn and be fluent enough to carry a conversation. Yet as I read the posts in the discussions I realized that so many people know an array of languages and are still learning more. I feel as though I have in some way set myself back by believing that learning a language is an impossible task that is beyond me. I am now so inspired to take up a different language in the near future.

People have the most interesting journeys. So often when I meet new people I never really actually ask about what their whole journey to where they are actually is. When reading the discussions I noticed that everyone has such a unique and so often interesting path that has brought them to where they are and often its something that is never explored. People are not only diverse in terms of culture and background but also in terms of where their life has taken them and how they became the people they are. It also makes it so evident that no one is perfect but life has its own way of eventually working out well.

I think the greatest way that this has impacted the way I see this module is that it has become something beyond studying material to help me get my degree. Its suddenly has a depth that can add so much value to my life and my growth as a person. I am no longer absolutely scared of what is ahead, I am excited and only slightly scared. A sure sign that I am stepping out of my comfort zone and becoming so much more.


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  1. Yatin
    Jan 27, 2014 @ 20:01:37

    On one hand they say you can’t teach new tricks to old dogs, 😉
    But then there’s the fact that life is a learning process. You learn some through education & some through experience. Education is learning at your will, well experience don’t give you much of a control. So I’d say go for it!!!


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