… Pronounce you Husband and Wife …

There are things that change when you get married. There are lots of things that you have to think about. We had long conversations about ante nuptials and community of property, when we want to get married as well as how many kids we want, when we want to have them and of course, will I change my surname. I expected some of this and the rest were quite easy to flow with.

There were unexpected little big things that made themselves known in small subtle ways.

Husband and WifeHusband & Wife
While there have been times that we’ve addressed each other as such- after the day we actually got married, the same words were different when we said them to each other. I remember thinking at the end of the day- “what have we just done?” “I am someone’s wife”. We got married. We are now husband and wife. I am now a Mrs. There is a weight in it. A very serious commitment. Its scary and exciting.

ours not mine or yoursEverything is not mine or his, it’s ours.
I am now more a part of his family- and even though it’s all a mental shift, its huge. I am treated differently. The way I act and be is also different. It’s more of home- I am more a family member than a guest. It’s a new type of learning to be more me in a space that is now my home. My values and his values are now our values. It’s a combining of what’s important to us as individuals. It’s also sharing of all money matters.

Own perspective of selfPerspective
I think I have changed the way I see me. I have more responsibility. Not just to someone else but also to myself. It’s almost like I need to better look after me so that I can better look after this lifelong relationship. I want to be my best self for him.

The people in our lives change
All our other loved ones have also changed. Its subtle, but it’s there. They are seeing me differently. They see my life differently. For most of them this is a huge milestone that I have just got to. Whereas for me in this relationship, it was the next step. This is what we wanted. I wasn’t waiting with bated breath for the day he would propose. We knew this was where we were going. I am not saying it’s not a milestone, it’s just not unexpected or a new idea.

The sweetness of no description
There is also something in our relationship that has shifted. It’s an amazing feeling. It’s also indescribable. I have no words that can explain this. Its different. It’s the good kind. And I’m loving the newness that such a shift can bring to this us that we have committed to.

Its fun and interesting and scary and it grows you as an individual. The relationship becomes deeper and closer. It’s an amazing journey to embark on.Indescripbable

(photo cred- Google Images)


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