Frozen Moments… (41)

[I’ve found that I can’t post my huge thoughts as often as I’d like- though I still have all my creative juices flowing… So I’ve decided to do short posts of  “Frozen Moments” of all types of emotions- at the moment its been emotions around relationships, love, and the beginning of something new. I am also writing this with future plans to include some of them into my book…]

Our Love Is…

Once again, there is this space between us

One that I cannot bridge alone

I can only walk so far

I can only build so much

My dearest wish is to go all the way

And maybe I can

It will rob you of

Your choices

Your freedom

Your lessons

Missing you

That is not who we are

That is not our love


Our love is

Equal parts of you and me

Freedom and space

Close and cuddled

Mutual understanding

Occasional irritation

Growth together

Allowance of individual growth

Solid support

Fuzzy feelings


Deep conversations



This is the halfway mark

This is where I will forever wait

For I know you will meet me here

You feel as I do

Life is very long


Our time is short


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